Power Rankings – Week 1

1. Woodchucks (1-0, won 69-6)
Next opponent: Spartans
The Average Joes were on the wrong side of some serious frustration being released week 1. Motivated by their playoff loss 2 weeks ago, the Woodchucks intercepted the first two passes thrown by their opponents and quickly capitalized on those turnovers. QB John Zitani captained an up tempo offense, throwing a whopping 8 touchdown passes while tying for highest completion percentage in the league at 72.7%. The defense had 6 INTs on the day, returning one of them to paydirt. Offseason addition Garrett Lavaggi showed his nose for the endzone, catching 3 TDs while even attempting a pass at one point. This team is as experienced and unified as anyone in the league, and they will be one of the top dogs in the title hunt until proven otherwise.


2. Shockers (1-0, won 35-18)
Next opponent: SassaFrassa
The Artists Formerly Known as The Bombers aka The Shockers also came into week 1 with a chip on their shoulder following their playoff loss 2 weeks ago. The pass rush was in the oppositions backfield all day, piling up 6 sacks and 3 INTs. QB Joe Giuffre was his usual self, tossing 5 TDs against a solid defense in the Warewolves. With their newest addition Devon Snead snagging an interception week 1, the sky is the limit for this team.


3. Warewolves (1-1, won 36-12, lost 35-18)
Next opponent: The Untouchables
This team showed their Jekyll and Hyde identity opening weekend, easily winning the first game in Winding River history. The passing game was clicking, as Chris Angelini fed his two big pass targets in Vin Elardo and Sean McAndrew while the defense got a solid pass rush as well as picking off 2 passes. Game two, the turnovers came at the misfortune of the Wolves, as they fell behind early and struggled. When this team is on, they can beat anyone. But the offense struggles in the redzone at times and the D has shown they are prone to the deep ball.


4. Untouchables (1-0, won 49-46)
Next opponent: Warewolves
In the game of the day, the Untouchables simply outgunned the opposition. Despite the final score being so close, the lead was in their possession most of the game. And while you’re worried about the 46 points allowed, you have to love the moxie shown by Nick Venuto. He threw for 505 yards and 7 TDs, hitting his favorite target Anthony Carlo 5 times for 220 yards and 3 TDs. The deep ball to Carlo is going to be hard to stop the rest of this season.


5. The Unwanted (1-0, won 31-19)
Next opponent: Rabid Squirrels
A thrown together unit of free agents tagged with a clever name, the Unwanted managed to win their inaugural game and showed promise for the future. Todd Kaiser had the highest QB rating in the league, hitting Bobby Forcella and Nate Reynolds each twice for touchdowns. The team is working on chemistry and that will dictate how far they go this season


6. Rabid Squirrels (0-1, lost 49-46)
Next opponent: Unwanted, Average Joes
Much like last season, the Squirrels came up just a few points short and found themselves running out of time. The offense was humming, as Sean Collins threw a week 1 high 512 yards and consistently moved the ball. John Petrowski made 2 highlight reel catches, finishing with 10 snags on the day for 120 yards. But the team was behind most of the day, and just couldn’t get over the hump and take the lead. Will this be the season the Squirrels truly go Rabid?


7. SassaFrassa (0-1, lost 36-12)
Next opponent: Shockers
The first game of Winding River Park didn’t bode well for the SassaFrassa, as they struggled to get it going early on. Despite the opening day loss, the team showed some promise late. The receiving core looks deep and the passing game should only continue to develop.


8. Average Joes (0-1, lost 69-6)
Next opponent: Rabid Squirrels
This team was blown out of the water, there is no way around that. But they showed up in masse and early, and they surely seem dedicated. Factor in the fact that their projected starting QB missed week 1 and almost every bounce went the other teams way, it’s best to just throw out the film from this game and get ready for the Rabid Squirrels.


9. Spartans (0-1, lost 31-19)
Next opponent: Woodchucks
This team committed the biggest sin of all last week, having to open the game with only 5 players week 1. The team lost its captain and struggled with chemistry. All hope isn’t lost, as they showed some fight and their ranking could rise once they straighten the ship.

-Mike Odom


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