Power Rankings – Week 2

1. (Last Weeks Ranking: 1) Woodchucks (2-0)

Won 58-12 vs Spartans

Next opponent: Shockers (2-0)

How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? I don’t know, but I sure know these Woodchucks can score a lot of points. Averaging 63.5 points a game through two weeks, this storied franchise shows no signs of slowing down. John Zitani uncharacteristically threw 2 interceptions, but also threw for 477 yards and 7 TDs. Garrett Lavaggi had 3 sacks and the secondary picked off 3 passes on their way to another stout defensive showing. The Woodchucks can lock up a long stint at the top of these rankings and the standings with a win this week over the Shockers.

2. (2) Shockers (2-0)

Won 54-12 vs SassaFrassa

Next opponent: Woodchucks (2-0)

The Shockers are without a doubt one of the top two teams going in the JSGFFL. There is also no doubt that the Woodchucks have more titles and also won the last head to head matchup between these two. So while the Shockers rolled to a dominant 54-12 victory over the talented yet unproven SassaFrassa, one has to wonder if they had the Woodchucks on their mind as early as last Saturday. QB Joe Giuffre had another typical aerial clinic, passing for 442 yards and 7 TDs. And the defense was as swarming as ever, with their new cover man Devon Snead making his presence felt early and often. They are clicking on all cylinders and seem ready to go against the ‘Chucks. A win this week would go a long way towards their ultimate goal: winning the championship.

3. (3) Warewolves (2-1)

Won 42-26 vs The Untouchables

Next Opponent: The Unwanted (2-0)

There is no reason to believe this team couldn’t make the Big Two a Big Three in this league very quickly. The talent this team fields ranks up there with anyone, and they have a quarterback that can spread the ball to his plethora of targets. Sean McAndrew (12-171-2), Vin Elardo (17-351-4) and Shane Capone (8-131-4) are arguably the hardest trio to cover in this league. It all comes down to consistency for this team. They need the players on the field week in week out, and the mental lapses that plagued them last year need to disappear. After an impressive performance week 2, a loss to the up and rising Unwanted will leave this team right back where they started at 2-2. It will no doubt be a huge statement game for both teams.

4. (5) The Unwanted (2-0)

Won 32-30 vs Rabid Squirrels

Next Opponent: Untouchables (1-1), Warewolves (2-1)

Another week, another shoot out survived by this group of players that are making their presence felt early in the JSGFFL. They have beaten two unproven teams thus far, and face their first true test this week as they draw the doubleheader. The first game against The Untouchables would be a nice win, but a W against the Warewolves would put this team on the map. QB Todd Kaiser has yet to throw a pick (10-0 ratio) and the only thing more impressive than reading his statistics is actually watching him play. He has a beautiful deep ball and has two burners on the outside in Maliq Black and Peter Torres. Thus far Torres has caught 3 passes of over 40 yards, while Black has 2. Don’t forget about Nate Reynolds, who moonlights as a Spartan as well.

5. (4) The Untouchables (1-1)

Lost 42-26 vs Warewolves

Next Opponent: The Unwanted (2-0)

It’s always tough when you lose the Offensive Player of the Week to injury, and that’s what happened to this team. Without Anthony Carlo, Nick Venuto found last seasons leading receiver Corey Feldman 7 times on 8 targets for 120 yards and 4 TDs. The highlight was a wrap around behind the back snag for 49 yards by Feldman, but the team ended up falling short by 2 touchdowns. The defense has yet to show much, registering 0 sacks and 0 INTs while giving up 44 points per game. This teams success will hinge on three players: Nick Venuto, Anthony Carlo, and Corey Feldman. Can they win enough shootouts to be a playoff team?

6. (8) Average Joes (1-1)

Won 34-22 vs Rabid Squirrels

Next Opponent: Spartans (0-2)

Sure, they were playing a team at the back end of their doubleheader. Sure, that team only won 1 game last season. Sure, that team had to bring in their backup QB who had zero reps throwing to his receivers beforehand. But let it be known, the Average Joes won their first game in style, sealing a hard fought victory by pulling away in the closing seconds. The enthusiasm the team shows on the sideline is good for the league, and its easy to wipe away week 1 as just a bad day at the office. The team moved the ball much more effectively week 2 when QB Brandon Koppenjan was leading the squad. The Average Joes have a legitimate chance this week against the 0-2 Spartans, and a 2-1 start despite that Woodchucks drumming would be just fine.

7.(6) Rabid Squirrels (0-3)

Lost 32-30 vs The Unwanted, lost 34-22 vs Average Joes

Next Opponent: Sassafrassa (0-2)

While 3 winless teams remain, there is a decent sized gap between the Squirrels and the other 2. For one, this team lost by 3 and then 2 points in their first two games. A 2-0 start was in their grasp, and it slipped away. And this team learned last week that they now have TWO capable quarterbacks. John Petrowski is slight of frame for a lineman but is also becoming a great underneath receiving threat, evidenced by his 6.6 receptions a game. The breaks just haven’t gone their way, and the loss to the Average Joes to close out week 2 left them in a deep 0-3 hole. This game against the SassaFrassa is a must win in my opinion.

8. (7) SassaFrassa (0-2)

Lost 54-12 vs Shockers

Next Opponent: Rabid Squirrels (0-3)

This team is trying to find both their identity and their quarterback. Unfortunately for them, their opening schedule hasn’t been very forgiving to experimentation. The passing game has been devoured by two veteran defenses, posting a meager 4-9 TD-INT ratio thus far. However, the defense picked off elite QB Joe Guiffre last week 2 times, and Billy Exner has shown some promise in the passing game as a pass catcher. The receiver core has some talent, but can anyone get them the ball?

9. (9) Spartans (0-2)

Lost 58-12 vs Woodchucks

Next Opponent: Average Joes (1-1)

The Spartans picked a rough time to play musical chairs at the QB position. Rich Dynak and Frank Haverick both tried their hand at QB, but the Woodchucks ate them alive. The expansion team is still in its early stages, and they need to find a steady leader under center before they can begin to think about competing. It will be a long season for the Spartans faithful if they can’t get it straightened out soon.

-Mike Odom


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