Power Rankings – Week 3

Power rankings
1. (Last Weeks Ranking: 2) Shockers (3-0)

Won 36-32 vs Woodchucks

Next opponent: Rabid Squirrels (1-3)

Very rarely does anything exceed the hype nowadays, but the battle last week between the Shockers and Woodchucks will go down as an all timer in JSGFFL history. After blowing a 12 point lead, the Shockers showed their resiliency in the waning moments of the game. Starting QB Joe Guiffre had to exit the game with 35 seconds left, leaving Bryan Soletto to take over with no timeouts and a running clock. After a short checkdown, a pass he threw with both gloves on, the unlikely hero heaved one into the endzone and Jim Florimont went up and snagged it as time expired. A retooled roster has brought this team to a 3-0 start including wins over the #2 and #3 ranked teams on this list, and an undefeated season could be in their sights. There is no question they will be considered the favorites in their remaining games. 
2. (1) Woodchucks (2-1)

Lost 32-36 vs Shockers

Next opponent: Warewolves (3-1)

A team couldn’t look any better in a loss than the Woodchucks did last week, but don’t try and tell that to the players that don the black and white jerseys every Saturday. Many guys took the loss very hard and were visibly distraught when they left Winding River Park. Having said that, I fully expect the team to regroup and get back to their same old selves the rest of the season. This weeks opponent is an old enemy in the Warewolves, so their mettle will be tested once again. 
3. (3) Warewolves (3-1)

Won 52-20 vs Unwanted

Next opponent: Woodchucks (2-1)

A big win in week 3 has the Wolves rolling, and the opportunity they have been presented with this week could allow them to springboard into the upper tier with a W. The offense is humming, with Chris Angelini spreading the ball to his plethora of targets. The player to watch is Shane Capone, a man who has won both offensive and defensive player of the week this season already. His playmaking ability on both sides of the ball is a marvel to behold. 
4. (4) The Unwanted (3-1)

Won 38-36 vs Untouchables

Lost 20-52 vs Warewolves 

Next opponent: Average Joes (2-1)

A split doubleheader is never a bad thing. Despite losing handily to the Wolves, the team moved the ball often against them. The first game ended with Todd Kaiser throwing a strike for a game winning touchdown to Bobby Forcella in the corner of the endzone. The receivers on this squad, combined with the QB, makes this a passing game that is as lethal as anyone’s. The biggest issue has been defense: can they stop anybody?
5. (5) The Untouchables (1-2)

Lost 36-38 vs The Unwanted

Next opponent: Sassafrassa (0-3)

This team may only have 1 win, but they have battle tested players and a quality quarterback with targets. Anthony Carlo is arguably the hardest cover in the league, and his gaudy average per catch speaks to that. If they can get the ship steered in the right direction, a playoff berth is still a high possibility.
6. (6) Average Joes (2-1)

Won 35-7 vs Spartans

Next opponent: The Unwanted (3-1)

The Joes are just beginning to get their feet wet, but they have swam when faced with a sink or swim reality after week 1. Two straight wins after that blowout have this young franchise on the upswing, despite some flaws still showing. They have found themselves a QB, and the defense is making plays on a weekly basis. If the offense finds itself some consistency, the sky is the limit for this rambunctious group of talented players.
7. (7) Rabid Squirrels (1-3)

Won 36-28 vs Sassafrassa

Next opponent: Shockers (3-0)

The Squirrels finally got off the schnide last week, posting a big win against the SassaFrassa. A few bounces the other way and this team could have been 4-0. Alas, they sit at 1-3 but they aren’t done yet. WR Mike Lawrence is clearly one of the top weapons in the league, and the experience is there with this squad. Is there enough time for them to rally towards a postseason berth?
8. (8) Sassafrassa (0-3)

Lost 28-36 vs Rabid Squirrels

Next opponent: The Untouchables (1-2) & Spartans (0-3)

With each passing week, the SassaFrassa continue to show improvement. Unfortunately for them, it hasn’t translated it’s the win column yet. The passing game is coming along, as they try to break in their QB Mike Mitton. A solid defense has been exposed late in games, but there is still reason for optimism for the tie dyed warriors.
9. (9) Spartans (0-3)

Lost 7-35 vs Average Joes

Next opponent: Sassafrassa (0-3)

The team is still trying to find its identity, but there is hope for the future. Terron Maples flashed elite game breaking skill last week, and the passing game has slowly been improving as they stabilize the quarterback position. Their first W shouldn’t be too far away so as long as they keep the momentum they are building.

Mike Odom




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