Mid-Season All Pro Team

Disclaimer: These are not official awards, these are merely mid-season awards. Final awards will be announced after final week of regular season. Individual performance is the most important factor in this process, over a team’s W/L record. 



QB: Nick Venuto, The Untouchables (1)

Averages (through 4 games): 433.5 passing yards, 6.25 TDs, 67.8%, 12.1 YPA

The gunslinger behind the big play attack of The Untouchables, Venuto has completed 10 passes of 50+ yards. Engineering an offense that is averaging 44.75 points per game, which is the highest scoring offense in the league.


Lineman: Garrett Lavaggi, Woodchucks (1)

Averages (through 4 games): 5 receptions, 41.25 yards, 1.5 TD

The big offseason addition from the disbanded Mean Machine, there is no denying the impact Lavaggi has had on the already deep Woodchucks lineup. He has scored multiple TDs in 2 of the first 4 games of the season, as well as boasting a 20/22 catch to targets ratio as John Zitani’s safety valve.


WR: Anthony Carlo, The Untouchables (2)

Averages (through 3 games) 7.6 receptions, 229.3 yards, 3.3 TD

I ain’t saying the man is unstoppable, I’m just saying he ain’t been stopped yet. Carlo has benefitted from the big arm of QB Nick Venuto, cashing in for many long bombs over the secondary. He has had receptions of 70,65,58,55(twice),52, and 50 yards thus far.


WR: Peter Torres, The Unwanted (1)

Averages (through 4 games) 7.25 receptions, 161.5 yards, 2.75 TD

Torres and his running mate Maliq Black have oozed confidence since their week 1 debut, and big plays are now the norm during Unwanted games. Torres started his career off by scoring a TD over 40+ yards in weeks 1,2, and 3.


WR: Billy Belford, Woodchucks (2)

Averages (through 4 games) 6.5 receptions, 120.5 yards, 1.75 TD

Belford has stepped his game up in the absence of Kyle Spatz, who is nursing a hamstring injury. Belford’s one handed catch against the Shockers wowed many, and he has shown elite catch and run ability. His 10 catches and 170 yards against the Shockers week 3 were the most catches and yards allowed by them all season.


WR: Mike Lawrence, Rabid Squirrels (1)

Averages (through 5 games) 6 receptions, 116 yards, 2 TD

Another former Mean Machine member shows up on the list, and it should come as to no surprise. Lawrence has continued to improve in his first go around as Rabid Squirrel, leading the league in catches through week 4 with 30. He has 5 consecutive games with a TD reception to go along with his 19.3 yards per catch.


Rusher: Steve Soletto, Shockers (1)

Stats (through 4 games) 10 sacks

The Shockers defense has taken down the Warewolves and Woodchucks already this season, as well as anyone else to step in their path. The constant heat and pressure Soletto brings to the table is a huge reason why. Averaging over 2 sacks a game, Soletto has saved his best work for the big games so far. Smooth is the word to describe his flag pulls off of a would be passer. He had 6 of his sacks against the aforementioned Wolves and Chucks.


Rusher: Joe Ganzy, Average Joes (1)

Stats (through 4 games) 8 sacks

Average Joe Ganzy was the only Joe to do anything worth noting in their week 1 blowout against the Chucks, as he sacked John Zitani not once but twice. Todd Kaiser had a bad day as well against Ganzy, consistently receiving pressure up the middle. He joins Dan Erickson as the only player with a sack in every game this season, and edges out the Shocker for one simple reason. The Shockers defense is deep and full of depth, whereas Ganzy has 8 of his teams 9 total sacks. He is a one man wrecking crew out there for the #AverageJoeArmy.


DB: Shane Capone, Warewolves (1)

Stats (through 3 games) 3 INTs, 2 for TD

There is no denying the physical ability anytime to watch Capone shadow a receiver, and his instincts and playmaking are an added bonus. 2 weeks ago, he jumped a Todd Kaiser route to take a pick to the house from the Unwanted’s goal line, swinging the momentum in the game. His flag pulling ability and pursuit speed make him an elite defensive back.


DB: Jihad Castro, Rabid Squirrels (2)

Stats (through 5 games) 4 INTs

The Rabid Squirrels secondary possess a playmaking defensive back that has picked off 4 of the 5 quarterbacks he has faced thus far. Castro can match up physically with the top receivers in the JSGFFL, and at this point its almost a question about not if but when he will get his hands on another interception.


DB: Devon Snead, Shockers (2)

Stats (through 4 games) 3 INTs, 1 for TD

The last of the Mean Machine members to make the Mid-Season All Pro team, Snead was a great pickup for an already loaded defense. Devon fit right in the defensive scheme, and he has been covering the opposing team’s top receiver at times. Teams have been forced to test him with the other quality DBs and pass rushers for the Shockers, and Snead has been happy to pick off 3 of the passes thrown his way thus far. His flag pulling and top end speed are both top line.


DB: Chris Jensen, Woodchucks (3)

Stats (through 4 games) 2 INTs

Not all DBs are judged by their interceptions, and Jensen left his stamp on the week 4 matchup against the Warewolves by blanketing Shane Capone all day. Capone ended up with only 4 receptions for 53 yards. Jensen had a big interception against the Shockers, and he is one of the more underrated players in the league.


10 players that could easily find themselves as All-Pro’s by season’s end (in no particular order)

QB John Zitani, Woodchucks

QB Chris Angelini, Warewolves

QB Todd Kaiser, The Unwanted

WR Maliq Black, The Unwanted

WR Corey Feldman, The Untouchables

WR Mike Sparrowe, Average Joes

Rusher Dan Erickson, Shockers

DB Joe DeTroia, Woodchucks

DB Bryan Soletto, Shockers

DB Devon McEllen, Woodchucks


Mike Odom



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