Power Rankings – Week 4

Power Rankings

1. Shockers (Last week:1) 4-0

Won 44-28 vs Rabid Squirrels

Next Opponent: vs Spartans (0-4)

Off: 389.75 yards a game, 42.25 ppg

Def: 289.75 yards a game, 19.5 ppg

Despite their record, the Rabid Squirrels are one of the toughest matchups in the league and they surely gave the Shockers a run for their money on Saturday. An upset wasn’t in the cards however. Despite a pair of interceptions by star QB Joe Guiffre that are becoming all too common, the offense was relentless and the defense made the plays when needed. A late Dan Calabrease pick 6 seemed to seal the game, only to see the Squirrels continue pressing. A Guff bomb to Devon Snead followed by a short TD pass was the dagger, and the pursuit of perfection continues on for the Shockers this week. The Spartans are the next team in their path, and the line is Vegas is already looking grim for the underdogs. But hey, USA beat Russia in hockey and the Giants beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl, so who’s to say another miracle isn’t in the making?

2. Warewolves (3) 4-1

Won 34-32 vs Woodchucks

Next Opponent: vs Average Joes (3-1)

Off: 372.2 yards a game, 36.4 ppg

Def: 300.6 yards a game, 25 ppg

The Warewolves are back. After failing to make the playoffs last season, questions were abound about this team and its future. Those questions have been answered. A huge win against their long time rivals the Woodchucks, in a game that went back and forth, serves notice to everyone else in the league. Having defeated the formerly 4th ranked Unwanted a week before, there is no way to deny this team their rightful spot at #2. The big three trio of Capone, Elardo, and McAndrew has been a matchup nightmare for each opponent, while Chris Angelini continues an upward rise in the QB rankings.

3. Woodchucks (2) 2-2

Lost 34-32 vs Warewolves

Next Opponent: vs The Untouchables (2-2)

Off: 386 yards a game, 47.75 ppg

Def: 269.5 yards a game, 22 ppg

Another tough loss for the Woodchucks this week, as they failed to convert the 2 point conversion at the buzzer to tie the game against the Warewolves. Billy Belford gave it all he had, but the Kalucki brothers had excellent coverage and the play ended up with many body parts in the fence surrounding the field. Even though they are on a 2 game losing streak, their dominance in the first two games can not be forgotten. John Zitani is a top QB in the league, and the defense is as stout as they come. They potentially have a shootout on their hands this week, with the top two scoring teams in the league squaring off. If they can not rise to the occasion and are knocked off by the surging Untouchables, they may find themselves tumbling down the power rankings and potentially out of the playoffs.

4. The Untouchables (5) 2-2

Won 68-42 vs SassaFrassa

Next Opponent: Woodchucks (2-2)

Off: 433.5 yards a game, 44.75 ppg

Def: 458.5 yards a game, 42 ppg

When you look at those defensive numbers, you wonder how this team could be the fourth ranked team on this list. Then you check the boxscore from their most recent win and see the eye popping numbers produced by the offense, and realize this team can score with anyone. And I mean ANYONE. QB Nick Venuto and WR Anthony Carlo shared the Offensive Player of the Week accolades last week, with Venuto scoring 9 TDs and Carlo going over 300 yards receiving. Don’t forget this team has last season’s receiving champion Corey Feldman as the #2 weapon on offense, and an effective Paul Keeser making big plays as well. If this team can outgun the Woodchucks next week, there is no telling where this team will end up come seasons end. With that offense, a title run isn’t out of the question.

5. Average Joes (6) 3-1

Won 47-26 vs Unwanted

Next Opponent: Warewolves (4-1)

Off: 287.75 yards a game, 30.5 ppg

Def: 334.75 yards a game, 29.5 ppg

The #AverageJoeArmy is gaining followers by the week. The valuable experience gained each week is coming with a nice side effect: W’s. No team played a more physical style last week than the Average Joes, as they were putting players on the ground left and right in the blocking game. If they can manhandle the Warewolves the same way they did the Unwanted, the Joes will take a huge leap in the eyes of the experts. Brandon Koppenjan is undefeated as a starting quarterback, and Average Joe Ganzy provided 3 sacks in 4 plays last week to add to his gaudy season total. Mike Sparrowe has shown a gamebreaking knack on offense, to match Tim Vecci’s ball hawking skills in the defensive backfield. The energy this team brings to the field every week is unmatched and the future is bright for the Joes.

6. Unwanted (4) 3-2

Lost 47-26 vs Average Joes

Next Opponent: SassaFrassa (1-4)

Off: 370.6 yards a game, 29.4 ppg

Def: 320.2 yards a game, 34.4 ppg

The Unwanted looked great in the early stages of the season, riding Todd Kaiser’s big arm to a 4th place ranking and some early wins. The last two games the team has come back to reality a bit, sliding them down to the 6th spot. The physicality of the team was tested by the Warewolves and Average Joes, and the team failed the test. Despite the recent struggles, Peter Torres has continued his torrid debut, tearing up secondaries week in and week out. A win this week against the SassaFrassa would put this team right back into the playoff picture. The defense has been highly suspect at times, but their is no questioning the firepower of Kaiser, Torres, and Black on offense will have this team competing until the last week of the season.

7. Rabid Squirrels (7) 1-4

Lost 44-28 to Shockers

Next Opponent: Spartans (0-4)

Off: 341.2 yards a game, 32.4 ppg

Def: 369 yards a game, 36.2 ppg

Ask any team that has played the Squirrels, and they will tell you they don’t play like a team thats 1-4. There is a nice collection of talent donning the gray of the Squirrels weekly, but they just can’t seem to catch a break. Jihad Castro had a huge INT in the endzone last week just when it seemed the Shockers were going to put the nail in the coffin. Unfortunately, the offense couldn’t keep up and the team fell victim to their 4th loss of the season. QB Sean Collins has looked improved from last season, and Mike Lawrence is one of the top WRs in the JSGFFL. They present matchup problems for any defense. An opponent that takes this team lightly could be quickly surprised by this squad.

8. SassaFrassa (8) 1-4

Lost 68-42 vs Untouchables, Won 48-42 vs Spartans

Next Opponent: Unwanted (3-2)

Off: 358.4 yards a game, 28.4 ppg

Def: 446,6 yards a game, 46 ppg

Last week showed the good and bad of the tie dyed derelicts, as they split their doubleheader. A record setting offensive day by the Untouchables in game 1 didn’t demoralize the Sassa, as they managed to hang on against the Spartans despite their late rally attempt. Mike Mitton has steadied the ship at QB, giving the team some consistency they badly needed. Gregg Mayers is becoming a tough cover, and the talent of Billy Exner has been evident from the early going. Now that they have their first win out of the way, the team hopes there are more to follow. They’ve got a taste of success and want more.

9. Spartans (9) 0-4

Lost 48-42 vs SassaFrassa

Next Opponent: Rabid Squirrels (1-4), Shockers (4-0) Doubleheader*

Off: 254 yards a game, 20 ppg

Def: 422.75 yards a game, 41.5 ppg

The Spartans came within a drive or two of their first victory last week, falling short against the Sassafrassa in the closing seconds of the game. Despite their record, the Spartans play with as much heart and desire as anyone. The team shows up every week and gives it their all, although it hasn’t shown on the stat sheet. Reason for hope in Spartanville: Terron Maples. There is no denying he is one of the most electrifying players in the league, and his big strip and fumble recovery last week put his team in position to rally. Will this be the week the Spartans emerge from the ranks of the winless?

Mike Odom



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