Players of the Week – Week 1 Edition

Players of the Week – Week 1 Edition

By Sean Dochney

Every week I will be bringing you the Players of the Week for the QB, WR, and Defense; as well as the runner up for the respective position. I expect to upset a lot of egos who may feel that they were snubbed of the honor after their previous week’s performance, but I tend to lean toward giving this out to the highest bidder. With that being said, let’s get to our week 1 QB….



The Commissioner, Chris Angelini – Warewolves

Chris played 2 games on Saturday and combined for a very impressive 44-54 (81.5 completion%) for 713 yards, 13 Touchdowns, and 1 pick. He led the Warewolves to a 58-14 victory over the Grizzlies, and a 48-14 victory over the NJ Devils. His completion percentage is what separated him this week from the rest of the pack, and he was able to accomplish over 80% even with a few crucial Ryan Dooley drops that went well noted.

Runner Up

Joe Giuffe – The Shockers

Joe led the Shockers to a 55-20 victory over No Lackin’ and put up some gaudy numbers while doing so. Joe went 25-43 with 437 yards, 8 touchdowns, and 1 pick. Joe had the most passing yards in a single game this week, and came real close to grabbing the top QB honor himself if it wasn’t for the commissioner’s completion percentage.



Charlie Barbiere – The Shockers

This was a very close position to choose from with a lot of receivers putting up good numbers.  Charlie was Giuffe’s top target of the day with 11 passes thrown his way. Charlie was able to haul in 8 of those passes and went for 110 yards and reached the end zone 3 times. Charlie was a big reason why the Shockers were able to put a big smackin’ on No Lackin’.

Runner Up

Sean McAndrew – The Warewolves

The Bird Man himself gets the wide receiver runner up honors this week and could have very well have taken the top spot. Sean had the advantage of playing 2 games this week to help his stats to 14 catches for 216 yards and 6 touchdowns which currently makes him the top receiver in the league in all categories. He would even chip in another touchdown on the defensive side of the ball. Overall, the fact that he played 2 games went into consideration and may have hurt him from earning the top receiver of the week spot this week.



John Mulvihill – The Warriors

The Defensive Player of the Week honor this week really should go to the entire Warriors defense for their shut out against the Rattlers in the 40-0 win. The Rattlers became the rattled as they went through QB changes and were only able to put up 104 yards of offense against the Warriors tenacious defense. John Mulvihill stood out on defense for the Warriors with his 2 interceptions that led him become Week 1 Defensive Player of the Week.

Runner Up

Israel Rodriguez – The Warewolves

I am showing love to a player who was primarily rushing the quarterback on the day. Dizzy Izzy wreaked havoc on opposing linemen and quarterbacks never letting them feel comfortable. Israel played in 2 games and ended up with 7 sacks, and an interception he would run back for a touchdown.


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