Fine Five – Week 1

Fine Five – Week 1

By Zach Rayment

While Sean brings you the best players of the week, I will be looking out for the overall team. Every week I will be ranking the league’s top 5 teams. Without further ado, here are the week 1 rankings.

1 – Warriors

Won 47-0 vs The Rattlers

The top spot after Week 1 goes to the Warriors for one simple reason: shutout. This may not be the pros but it is not easy to keep a team off the board at any level. (I apologize to any egos that I may have damaged by breaking the news that this is not professional football.) John Mulvihill was the star man for the Warriors with 2 big interceptions. The Warriors D only allowed 104 total yards on the day.

2 – Warewolves

Won 58-14 vs The Grizzlies, Won 48-14 vs NJ Devils

Unlike Sean, The Commish can’t influence me, unless of course he wants to start tossing me a few more bills. The Warewolves take the number two spot after two big wins. The Commish tops the QB charts with 713 yards and 13 touchdowns after two games. Sean McAndrew made himself known with 14 catches, 6 receiving touchdowns, and 3 interceptions including a pick-6.

3 – Blue Jackets

Won 45-12 vs Strangers with Candy

Blue Jackets QB Anthony Fontana got the season started in impressive fashion. He went 18 for 32 with 327 yards and 7 touchdowns. He was one of the few quarterbacks not to get picked off in Week 1 so take notice. The defense came up big only allowing two touchdowns and intercepting the ball three times. If they can keep this play up, they’ll be tough to beat.

4 – Woodchucks

Won 44-12 vs Average Joes

Justin Izzo had a standout day with 3 big sacks, including 2 fumble recoveries. Maybe the rain helped but he doesn’t care. The Woodchucks D had 5 total sacks and also had one interception. It may be too soon to compare them to the Super Bowl winning Denver Broncos defense but keep an eye out for more big performances in the coming weeks. On the other side of the ball, Chris D’Addario was unstoppable. He had 7 catches for 114 yards and 3 touchdowns. Joe DeTroia added 2 touchdowns on his only 2 targets.

5 – Shockers

Won 55-20 vs No Lackin’

If it weren’t for the 3 long touchdowns that the Shockers D gave up, they would have been higher up in the power rankings. Nevertheless, the reigning champs got started off on the right foot. Shockers QB Joe Guiffre has a trademarked shimmy to avoid the sack. No Lackin’s defense couldn’t get him even once. This led to a 437- yard day with 8(8!) touchdowns. It won’t be any surprise to see them rise in the power rankings in the coming weeks.


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