Sexy Six – Week 2

Sexy Six – Week 2

By Zach Rayment

1 – Blue Jackets (Last Week – 3)

Won 31-12 vs Clam Slammers

They may not be the highest scoring team in league, but their defense has been dominant. The Blue Jackets have only allowed 24 points over two week and four different players have an interception. They have also only had 414 yards against them in the first two weeks. Quarterback Anthony Fontana has been an impressive game manager throwing for 12 touchdowns and no interceptions so far this year.

2 – Shockers (Last Week – 5)

Won 42-37 vs Warewolves

The leaky defense of the Shockers keeps them from moving up to the top of the ranking this week. They did have a tough game this week facing the Warewolves at noon. Quarterback Joe Giuffre threw for 5 touchdowns and 1 interception but the play that made the difference was Steve Solleto’s sack fumble and recovery for 6. He dominated the game adding 5 sacks. He is looking like Jason Pierre-Paul before he blew half of his f****** hand off.

3 – Warewolves – (Last Week – 2)

Lost 42-37 vs Shockers

A close loss to a top team keeps the Warewolves in top 3 this week. They may have come up short this week but two massive wins last week keeps them right in the hunt for the playoffs.

4 – Rabid Squirrels (Last Week – Not Ranked)

Won 40-19 vs Woodchucks

QB Sean Collins went 24-33 for 334 yards and 6 touchdowns in a tense matchup. For the second week in a row the Rabid Squirrels found themselves in a scuffle with their opponents. I think we’re all hoping that they get a hold of themselves and decide to not fight the Rattlers this week. During the time of the game where football was actually played, Anthony Carlo was unstoppable with 7 catches, 188 yards, and 4 touchdowns. Three interceptions on the other side of the ball made this game look easy.

5 – Warriors (Last Week – 1) 

Lost 37-29 vs The Grizzlies

After shutting out the Rattlers in week 1, the Warriors disappointed this time around. The Grizzlies put up 355 yards of offense up against them this week, which came as a shock. QB Dan Altman went 15-23 for 222 yards and 4 touchdowns in this week’s loss. The ball was spread around well this week with none of their receivers breaking the 100-yard mark.

6 – Woodchucks (Last Week – 4)

Lost 40-19 vs Rabid Squirrels

Last season’s runners-up suffered a harsh loss in what now can be considered a heated rivalry. Things got a little out of hand early on and the Woodchucks never recovered. Justin Izzo managed 2 sacks to bring his total to 5 for the season. With a big win this week, they can put this devastating loss behind them.


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