Sexy Six – Week 3

Sexy Six – Week 3

By Zach Rayment

1 – Shockers (Last Week – 2)

Won 41-24 vs Clam Slammers & Won 72-20 vs NJ Devils

Three weeks into the season, the league is beginning to take shape. The Shockers have been dominant to start the season. Their 72-20 win this week almost makes me feel bad for the NJ Devils: almost. Joe Guiffre threw for 15 touchdowns in 2 games this week to put his team at the top of the standings. Charlie Barbiere caught 7 of those touchdowns in an impressive day.

2 – Blue Jackets (Last Week – 1)

Won 46-6 vs Warriors

If it weren’t for two big wins from the Shockers, the Blue Jackets would still be at the top of the power rankings. They did no wrong but still were dropped to number 2 after week 3. They were equally dominant on both sides of the ball this week. QB Anthony Fontana went for 385 yards and 7 touchdowns this week. His defense did a good job of only giving up one touchdown. They picked off the Warriors QB 3 times and also added one sack.

3 – Rabid Squirrels (Last Week – 4)

Won 66-13 vs The Rattlers

For the second week in a row, the Rabid Squirrels dominated the opposition. They put out one of the best defensive performances of the season thus far. Five interceptions, one pick-six from Brad Smith and a strip sack fumble recovery for a TD from Steve-O helped them blow past the struggling Rattlers. In addition to great defensive play, Sean Collins added 379 yards and 7 touchdowns to bring his season total to 914 yards and 15 touchdowns.

4 – Woodchucks (Last Week – 6)

Won 38-35 vs The Grizzlies

The Woodchucks came out on top in what was another tense matchup. They were looking to rebound off of a tough loss to the Rabid Squirrels in the previous week where tempers flared. Some points in the game got a little tense but the Woodchucks regained composure to take the lead late and hold on. John Zitani threw for 394 and 6 touchdowns without turning the ball over once. Their pass rush was dominant once again with 4 sacks from Steve Dalrymple.

5 – Strangers With Candy (Last Week – Not Ranked)

Won 47-46 vs Average Joes

The team with the best name got the win in the game of the season so far. The two teams went back and forth all day long. A clutch drive late in the game led by Anthony Caputo put them on top. A defensive stop sealed the win and they just let the clock run down. Caputo went for 486 yards and 8 touchdowns in this shootout.

6 – Warewolves (Last Week – 3)

Lost 31-21 vs No Lackin’

Two straight losses and a crippled quarterback see the Warewolves drop to sixth, clinging on to the final playoff spot. With the Commish out, Shane Capone made is QB debut. He went 20 for 31, 279 yards, 3 touchdowns, and 1 interception. Not bad for a backup but not good enough for a win. If Ang can’t find a way to grib the ball, the Warewolves season could be doomed.


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