Spring 2016 All-Pro Team

All-Pro Teams Spring 2016

By Sean Dochney

1 st Team QB

Joe Giuffre – Shockers

119.7 QB Rating, 64% Completion Percentage, 3360 Yards, 58 Touchdowns, 15 Interceptions

The Guffslinger takes home the honors of 1 st team All-Pro QB because he led the league in yards, touchdowns, and his team to an undefeated record with the highest point differential. He constantly found himself mentioned in Players of the Week articles as the Shockers dominated week in and week out. His 3360 yards was first in the league by almost 400 yards, Trevor Nunn of the Grizzlies would be second with 2970 yards. His 58 touchdowns were 13 more than the next guy. His 64% completion percentage was 3rd in the league. He did lead the league in interceptions thrown with 15, but that comes with the territory of being a gunslinger like Giuffre. The Guffslinger was able to spread the ball out as he had 3 receivers who all had over 40 catches, 500 yards receiving, and 8 touchdowns. The Guffslinger now ranks 4th in the league in career passing yards with 11226 yards and 4th in passing touchdowns with 175. He has been able to amass these impressive numbers with only 4 seasons played in the league.


2 nd Team QB

Anthony Fontana – Blue Jackets

131.4 QB Rating, 62.6% Completion Percentage, 2523 Yards, 45 Touchdowns, 4 Interceptions

This may come as a bit of a controversy to some, as the Commissioner, Chris Angelini, posted the highest QB rating for a single season in league history this past season with a rating of 137.2, but Fontana’s rating was equally as impressive at 131.4. Anthony deserves the 2nd team honors as he threw for the fewest interceptions in the entire league and was second in touchdowns with 45. Anthony finished 5th in completion percentage and 4th in passing yards. The Blue Jackets were also undefeated and receive a first round bye in the playoffs as they hold the 2nd seed. Fontana and the Blue Jackets should feel good about themselves of what they’ve accomplished in their inaugural season in the JSGFFL, but there is still a lot more work to be done as we get ready for the playoffs.


1 st Team WR

Charlie Barbiere – Shockers

47 Catches, 1051 Receiving Yards, 24 Touchdowns

No Shock here as the Shockers’ Charlie Barbiere receives the 1 st team WR of the year award. Barbiere was a Triple Crown winner for WRs as he led the league in catches, yards, and touchdowns. He had over 200 more yards receiving second place Anthony Carlo, and he had 8 more touchdowns than Cam Blackwell’s second most 16 this season. This was by far the best season of Charlie’s JSGFFL career as he almost doubled every single one of his previous career highs in every statistical category. Eye popping numbers like this makes one wonder if the JSGFFL should start testing for PEDs to keep the game pure, but that is a discussion for another time. Charlie now has 104 catches for 2422 yards, and 36 touchdowns for his career. Those numbers are good for 10th all-time in yards, and tied for 9 th in touchdowns.


2 nd Team WR

Cam Blackwell – Strangers with Candy

35 Catches, 774 Receiving Yards, 16 Touchdowns

Another close one to call for 2nd team as Anthony Carlo for the Rabid Squirrels also put up a brilliant season. The amount of touchdowns Anthony was able to put up as he helped lead his team to the playoffs is what helps him earn this honor over Carlo. Even more impressive, is that Cam was able to put up these gaudy numbers while only playing in 5 games this season. This was Blackwell’s first year in the league and he had the 3 rd most yards in the league with 774, and the 2nd most touchdowns with 16. Strangers with Candy are going to need Cam big time this week in the playoffs if they hope to be playing for a championship next week.


1 st Team Defense

Steve Soletto – Shockers

17 Sacks, 1 interception, 1 Defensive Touchdown

If you notice a trend here, you are correct; the Shockers own every spot on the first team All-Pro team. This is something that is bound to happen when the team is undefeated, with the highest point differential and everyone put up huge numbers along the way. Steve definitely deserves 1 st team All-Pro for defense this year as his 17 sacks were by far the most in the league, as he was the only player to reach double digits for sacks. His 17 sacks were more than every other team in the league had, with the exception of the Woodchucks, who had the most team sacks in the league with 28. Soletto had 17 of the Shockers 24 team sacks and because of the high powered offense and big play defense; the Shockers are going into the playoffs as favorites. Steve has a stranglehold on the most career sacks for the JSGFFL with 64, the next closest sack getter is Justin Izzo with 29. Steve’s 21 sacks in the Fall 2015 season is still a single season record, and that season alone would put him 5th in the league for career sacks.



2 nd Team Defense

Bryan Soletto – Shockers

7 Interceptions, 2 Defensive Touchdowns

Bryan follows his brother Steve All-Pro Team for defense, but Steve still has bragging rights at the Thanksgiving Day table as Bryan is 2nd Team this season. Bryan led the league in interceptions with 7 and was tied for the lead league in defensive touchdowns with 2. As a team, the Shockers had the most interceptions in the league with 27, which was almost double the next best team, which was the Rabid Squirrels with 14. The top 3 spots for most interceptions belonged to the Shockers as Dan Calabrease and Devon Snead have 6 and 5 picks themselves. Bryan is now 9th all-time in career interceptions with 16.


Spring 2016 – Playoff Preview

Spring 2016 – Playoff Preview

By Sean Dochney


The JSGFFL Spring 2016 season has come to an end and the playoffs begin this Saturday at 9 am at Shelter Cove in Toms River. Here we will take a look at all 6 of the teams that remain in the hunt for a championship.


1st seed – The Shockers (8-0)

1st Round Bye

278 Point Differential. Opponent Record (22-42)

Key Wins: Warewolves (week 2, 42-37), Woodchucks (week 6, 40-18)

The Shockers are undefeated and have the largest point differential in the league at 278. They dominated all year on both offense and defense which led them to an average margin of victory at 34.7. The Shockers had the most interceptions as a team with 27, and the 2 nd most sacks with 24. They were led on defense by the Soletto Brothers who both were 1 st and 2 nd team All-Pro. Steve Soletto led the league in sacks (17), while his brother Bryan led the league in interceptions (7). Dan Calabrease would add 6 picks of his own, and the dual threat Devon Snead would have 5 interceptions himself for the Shockers, ranking them 2 nd and 3 rd in the league.

The offense is led by first team All-Pro QB Joe “Guffslinger” Guiffre and his talented receiving corps that is led by 1 st team All-Pro WR Charlie Barbiere. Charlie may have won a receiving Triple Crown this year, but Devon Snead and Ryan Pharo would each have big years themselves. Snead had 43 catches for 665 yards and 12 touchdowns. Pharo had 41 catches for 520 yards and 8 touchdowns.

2nd Seed – The Blue Jackets (8-0)

1 st Round Bye

225 Point Differential. Opponent Record (20-42- 2)

Key Wins: Strangers with Candy (week 1, 45-12), Warriors (week 3, 46-6)

The Blue Jackets went undefeated in their first season in the JSGFFL and have the second seed because of point differential. They gave up the fewest points in the league with 175 and had the 2nd most interceptions in the league at 16. Steve Bailey led the team in interceptions with 5, while Jack Phair and Anthony Fata would each chip in 3.

The offense is led by 2 nd team All-Pro QB Anthony Fontana. Fontana threw the 2 nd most touchdowns in the league with 45 and the least amount of interceptions with only 4. He has one of the most balanced receiving attacks in the league between Pete Linfante (30 rec-532 yards-13 TDs), Chris Malmstrom (34 rec-528 yards-11 TDs), and Jack Phair (32 rec-550 yards-8 TDs).

3rd Seed – The Warewolves (6-2)

Game at 10 a.m. against the Warriors (4-3- 1)

143 Point Differential. Opponent Record (28-36)

Key Wins: Grizzlies (week 1, 58-14), Woodchucks (week 4, 41-33), Rabid Squirrels (week 5, 42-24)

Key Losses: Shockers (week 2, 37-42), No Lackin’ (week 3, 21-31)

The Warewolves offense is led by the Commissioner, Chris Angelini, who threw 36 touchdowns and only 6 interceptions this past year on his way to the highest single season QB rating in league history with 137.2,. His favorite target was Sean McAndrew, who hauled in 41 catches for 597 yards and 15 touchdowns. Chris McIntosh (391 yards, 6 TDs) and Shane Capone (339 yards, 4 TDs) were the next 2 leading receivers behind McAndrew.

On defense, the Warewolves gave up the 3 rd fewest points in the league with 178. Sean McAndrew led the team in interceptions with 4. Tim Steager and Isreal Rodriguez were the teams primary pass rushers as Steager would end up with 6 sacks and Izzy with 8. The Warewolves gave the undefeated Shockers their biggest fight this year as they only lost by 5. Both teams would need to make the championship game to play each other again this year.

4th seed – Strangers with Candy (5-2- 1)

Game at 9 a.m. against the Woodchucks

61 Point Differential. Opponent Record (26-37- 1)

Key Wins: No Lackin’ (week 2, 34-26), Grizzlies (week 5, 45-22)

Key Losses: Blue Jackets (Week 1, 12-45), Woodchucks (week 7, 12-36)

Strangers with Candy QB Anthony Caputo put up some real big numbers while leading his team to the 4 th seed. Caputo would throw for 2359 yards with 36 TDs and 6 picks. His top target was 2 nd team All-Pro WR Cam Blackwell (35 rec-774 yards-16 TDs). Pat Jensen would also have a big year for the team at WR (), and he also led the team in interceptions with 4.

Strangers with Candy are 0-2- 1 against other playoff teams this past season and are poised to prove their 5-2- 1 record is no fluke. The 9 am Playoff game is a rematch of a week 7 contest in which the Woodchucks won decisively, 36-12. The Woodchucks were playing for a lot more as they needed a victory last time out to secure a playoff spot, while Strangers with Candy had already clinched. Candy also lost their QB Caputo to an injury during the game. Expect a much closer game this week if Caputo is healthy and he has all his weapons at his disposal.

5th seed – The Woodchucks (5-3)

Game at 9 a.m. against Strangers with Candy

54 Point Differential. Opponent Record (34-28- 2)

Key Wins: Grizzlies (week 3, 38-35), Warriors (week 5, 41-26), Strangers with Candy (week 7, 36-12)

Key Loss: Rabid Squirrels (Week 2, 19-40), Warewolves (week 4, 33-41), Shockers (week 6, 18-40)

The Woodchucks are a gritty team that had the toughest schedule of any team that made it to the playoffs. They are led by John “The Zit” Zitani at QB who is a JSGFFL legend as he is the career leader in passing yards and touchdowns. John put up another great season this year, even though his top 2 receivers from years past, Billy Belford and Kyle Spatz, jumped ship to go play for No Lackin’ this season. John had a completion % of 68.7% and threw for 2559 yards, 37 TDs, and 10 picks. His 37 TDs were tied for 3 rd in the league, while his completion % was second to only Chris Angelini. The Zit’s top 2 receivers were Zach Emmett (39 rec-591 yards-5 TDs), and Chris D’Addario (39 rec-452 yards-6 TDs).

The Woodchucks own the best pass rush defense in the JSGFFL as they led the league with 28 sacks this past season. The Woodchucks’ top 3 in sacks this year was Steve Dalrymple (9), Garrett “Loud Mouth” Lavaggi (6), and Justin Izzo (5). The pass rush will be crucial for the Woodchucks to win 2 games on Saturday and advance into the championship game next week.

6th seed – Warriors (4-3)

Game at 10 a.m. against the Warewolves

17 Point Differential. Opponent Record (30-33- 1)

Key Wins: No Lackin’ (week 7, 21-20), Rabid Squirrels (week 7, 29-18)

Tie: Strangers with Candy (week 6, 20-20)

Key Losses: Grizzlies (week 2, 29-37), Blue Jackets (week 3, 6-46), Woodchucks (week 5, 26-41)

The Warriors entered week 7 with a 2-3- 1 record with 2 games to play and needed a lot of helpto get into the playoffs. They would win both their games against 2 teams that still fighting to get into the playoffs at the beginning of the day, No Lackin’ and Rabid Squirrels. The Warriors were able to take the 6 th and final seed of the playoffs away from the 4-4 Rabid Squirrels, a team that started the season 4-4.

Josh Eagel and Dan Altman have been there primary QBs on the season, although Josh Eagel has been getting the majority of the time at QB over the past few games, including the 2 do or die games played in week 7. Eagel threw for 837 yards, 11 TDs and 5 picks in 3 games at QB this year. The Warriors leading receiver with 35 catches for 542 yards and 8 TDs, he also led the team in interceptions with 4.

The Warriors are trying to keep their Cinderella story alive as they get set for a tough game against the Warewolves Saturday morning. If they beat the Warewolves, they will need to beat the Shockers to get into the Championship game next week, which makes the Warriors’ path toughest out of all the playoff teams this Saturday.

Players of the Week – Week 7 Edition

Players of the Week – Week 7

By Sean Dochney


Brandon Koppenjan – Average Joes

Brandon takes home the QB POTW honors in a losing effort this week against the Grizzlies in a closely contested battle. The Average Joes lost 40-46 but Brandon did all that he could to muster up a victory. Koppenjan would go 23-32 for 410 yards, 6 touchdowns, and no interceptions on the day.Brandon’s 0 picks thrown is what set him apart and helped him secure the POTW honors. On the year Brandon had a 55.9 completion %, for 2287 yards 32 touchdowns, and 9 interceptions.

Runner Up

Trevor Nunn – The Grizzlies

Our QB Runner Up this week actually walked away with the victory against the QB POTW. The Grizzlies outlasted the Average Joes and Trevor Nunn was a big reason why. Nunn went 31-43 for 468 yards, 6 touchdowns, and 2 interceptions. Trevor would even go on to have an interception on the defensive side of the ball, (which was NOT thrown by Koppenjan). Trevor put up some big numbers this year for the 4-4 Grizzlies that fell just short of the playoffs. It is worth noting that the Grizzlies had the second toughest schedule in the league according to opponent record, No Lackin’ was the only team with a slightly harder schedule. Nunn completed 60.8% of his passes for 2970 yards, 37 touchdowns, and 13 interceptions thrown. His 2970 passing yards were good for second in the league, behind the Shockers’ Joe Guiffre. He also led The Grizzlies in defensive interceptions with 4.


Charlie Barbiere – The Shockers

Charlie was at it again on Saturday, as he hauled in 6 catches for 191 yards and 3 touchdowns in the Shockers 70-14 dominating victory over the Rattlers. The Shockers enter the playoffs undefeated with a 278 point differential. The defending champs are definitely the team to beat right now, and slowing down Barbiere will be a big task for whoever they play in the playoffs. Charlie took home the receiving Triple Crown this year as he led the league in catches (47), yards (1051), and touchdowns (24).

Runner Up

Maliq Black – The Grizzlies

Maliq and Trevor Nunn connected on some big players on the way to the close 46-40 victory over the Average Joes. Maliq would end the day with 6 catches for 152 yards and 1 touchdown. Maliq put up a solid season for the Grizzlies as he had 31 catches for 612 yards and 5 touchdowns. Black was 1 of 3 Grizzlies to have over 500 yards receiving, joining Peter Torres and Bobby Forcella. The Shockers and Blue Jackets were the only other teams to have 3 different receivers to have over 500 receiving yards, and both of those teams went undefeated. The Grizzlies are poised to make a playoff push next season as they narrowly missed the playoffs this year. They did have the 2 nd hardest schedule in the league this past season, and their 4 losses came to the playoff teams Warewolves, Woodchucks, Shockers, and Strangers with Candy. Those 4 teams they lost to had a combined record of 24-7- 1.


Frank Fiorella – Blue Jackets

The Blue Jackets remained undefeated and secured the second seed and first round bye for the playoffs. The Shockers were able to secure the top spot because of point differential. Frank had a big day for the Blue Jackets on defense as he was able to sack the QB 3 times. It would bring his season totals up to 6 sacks on the year, which puts him tied for 5 th in the league on the season.

Runner Up

Jose Ortiz – Average Joes

Jose was all over the field this past weekend as the Average Joes fell just short of the Grizzlies. The Commissioner himself kept drawing comparisons to Roy Williams as he would go flying through the air to break up and intercept passes on defense. Jose would end up with 2 interceptions and 1 sack; they were both his first interceptions and sack of the year.

Sexy Six – Week 5

Sexy Six – Week 3

By Zach Rayment

1 – Shockers

Won 76-8 vs Average Joes

As the season reaches its final weeks, the Shockers have continued to be unstoppable. They handled the Average Joes in embarrassing fashion. In all honesty, I am getting kind of tired of writing about Guiffre tearing defenses apart. It has become impossible not to mention this week, as he threw for 10 touchdowns. But, he once again threw multiple picks on 2-point conversion attempts, which brings his total to 6 in the past 2 weeks. The league's leading receiver, Charlie Barbiere, hauled in 4 more touchdowns to bring his season total to 20. A big defensive performance from Devon Snead did not go unnoticed. He had 3 of the Shockers 6 interceptions on the day and returned 1 for a touchdown.

2 – Blue Jackets

Won 45-32 vs No Lackin’

Anthony Fontana led the Blue Jackets to yet another win, keeping the undefeated season going. He was 25-40 with 381 yards and 6 touchdowns. The stat that stands out the most for him is his interception total. Over 5 games, he has only been picked off once. That is 4 less than the next closest QB in the top 10. Chris Malmstrom was the main target with 7 catches, 131 yards, and 3 touchdowns.

3 – Strangers With Candy

Won 45-22 vs The Grizzlies

Before a small altercation at the end of the game, Anthony Caputo was dominant. He had 362 yard passing, 6 touchdowns, plus a sack, and an interception. Cam Blackwell reeled in 7 catches, 137 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 68 yards passing at the end of the game after Caputo’s ejection.

4 – Rabid Squirrels

Lost 42-24 vs the Warewolves

Even though they seem to be the only team to give me feedback on the power rankings every week, they drop down to 4th after suffering their first loss. Sean Collins did not put in a bad performance by any means, but he could’ve used his top receiver, Anthony Carlo, this week. The league’s 4th ranked receiver was missing this week. Without his top target, Collins still managed 279 yards and 4 touchdowns. No WR reached the 100-yard mark for the Rabid Squirrels.

5 – Warewolves

Won 42-24 vs Rabid Squirrels

Even with a win, the Warewolves stay put in the 5th spot. Angelini only had 6 incompletions on the day. His 387 yards and 6 touchdowns led his team to an easy victory in what seemed like it would be a thriller. Sean McAndrew caught 9 passes, for 117 yards, and 5 touchdowns in his player of the week performance.

6 – Woodchucks

Won 41-26 vs The Warriors

The game was much closer than this game showed. Joe DeTroia’s 2 consective pick-6’s made the big difference in the end. His 2 touchdowns couldn’t have come at a better time, with the Woodchucks only leading by 1. Zitani was 25-29, with 307 yards, and 4 touchdowns.

Players of the Week – Week 5 Edition

Players of the Week – Week 5

By Sean Dochney


Joe Giuffre – Shockers

This is the 3 rd time that GUFFman has been featured in Players of the Week, and it is no surprise that he is leading the league in most of the QB categories. This past week Joe went 28-41 for 430 yards, 10 touchdowns, and 2 picks in the 76-8 dismantling of the Average Joes. The Shockers remain undefeated and they have the highest point differential in the league. Giuffre now has 2,544 yards and 45 touchdowns on the season; the next best QBs in those categories are the Zit with 1,904 yards and the Commissioner with 31 TDs. The GUFFslinger is even leading the league in interceptions thrown with 11.

Runner Up

Anthony Fontana – Blue Jackets

Fontana just keeps getting the job done for the Blue Jackets as they remain undefeated after a 45-32 win over No Lackin. Fontana went 25-40 for 381 yards, 6 TDs, and yet another week without throwing an interception. Fontana is putting together a stellar season for the Blue Jackets as he has completed 63.7% of his passes for 30 TDs and only 1 pick. Those 30 TDs are good for 3 rd in the league, and no other QB is protecting the ball as well as Fontana since most QBs are throwing at least 1 pick a game.


Sean McAndrew – Warewolves

The Birdman stood tall in the Warewolves’ 42-24 win over a Rabid Squirrels team that entered the week undefeated. McAndrew couldn’t be stopped and he would go on to make 9 catches for 117 yards and 5 touchdowns. Sean now leads the league in receptions with 37, 3rd in the league in touchdowns with 14, and 5 th in yards with 542.


Joe DeTroia – Woodchucks

Joe was the epitome of clutch in the Woodchucks 41-26 victory over the Warriors. The Warriors had the ball down 26-27 with only a few minutes left when Joe’s late game heroics would seal the victory for the Woodchucks. Joe would run 2 interceptions back for touchdowns on back to back drives to win the game.

Runner Up

Devon Snead – Shockers

The Shockers defense dominated the Average Joes, who were only able to score 8 points. Devon would lead the way on defense, as he had 3 of the teams 6 interceptions, and he would run 1 back for a touchdown. These were Snead’s first 3 interceptions of the season. As a team, the Shockers now have 18 interceptions this season led by league leaders Bryan Soletto and Dan Calabrease. Bryan and Dan each have 5 picks for the year.

Players of the Week – Week 4 Edition

Players of the Week – Week 4 Edition

By Sean Dochney


Chris Angelini – Warewolves

The Commissioner put together a truly gutsy performance this past week playing with a brokenthrowing hand that he sustained last week. Chris would lead the Warewolves to a thrilling 41-33 victory over the Woodchucks that included a game winning touchdown with under a minute left. Ang would go 26-33 for 399 yards, 6 touchdowns, and 1 interception.

Runner Up

John Zitani – Woodchucks

The Zit really got underneath the defense’s skin and popped off this past week in both the games he would play. The Woodchucks would beat the NJ Devils 38-7 and then fall just short of the Warewolves in what was by far the closest contest of the day. He would combine for 56-82 628 yards 11 touchdowns and 1 pick. His second game nail biter against the Warewolves would set him apart to earn him the runner up spot this week as he went 30-41 for 343 yards, 5 touchdowns and 0 picks.


Charlie Barbiere – Shockers

Charlie and his teammate Devon Snead would both go off for the Shockers this week in their 42-19 victory over the Grizzlies. Charlie would end up with 9 catches for 206 yards and 4 touchdowns. Charlie now leads the league in catches, yards, and touchdowns with 31-680- 16. Charlie has to watch his back though; both Anthony Carlo and Cam Blackwell are right on his heels in all categories.

Runner Up

Sean McAndrew – Warewolves

Big Mac was the wounded wolf’s favorite target this past week and hauled in 9 catches for 131 yards and 2 touchdowns. Sean was a key to victory over the Woodchucks as he helped the Warewolves move the chains all day. Sean also sees himself in the top 6 in all WR categories this year.


Kyle Wilbert – Strangers with Candy

The entire Strangers with Candy defense deserve this honor as they shut out the Rattlers this past week. Kyle stood out as he was all over the field. He would record 1 sack, 3 interceptions, and 1 defensive touchdown.

Runner Up

Steve Dalrymple – Woodchucks

Defensive runner up was a toss-up between Steve and teammate Charlie Mackie as both had great games. Steve would record 5 sacks in his first game alone against NJ Devils and Charlie would end the day with 3 picks in 2 games. The Woodchucks defense in general looked revitalized this week as their spiritual leader, and fan favorite, Garrett “Loud Mouth” Lavaggi was back in action after missing the past 2 weeks.