Fine Five – Week 3

Week 3 Power Rankings

By Sean Dochney

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1. Shockers – (2-0- 1), Point Differential – 14. (Prev. 1)

The Shockers stay on top of the Fine Five Power Rankings with a big win against the number 2 ranked Woodchucks. The Guffslinger would be named the QB POTW for his performance in the 39-28 win over the Woodchucks. Anthony Carlo got involved with the Shockers offense for the first time this season as he hauled in 5 catches for 54 yards and a TD on 9 targets. Charlie Barbiere, Anthony Spanola, and Devon Snead would all have big plays and big games for the Shockers as well. Barbiere, Snead, and Spanola are all off to hot starts receiving for the Shockers through the first 3 weeks. The Shockers are heavy favorites as they matchup against the Rattlers in week 4 as they look to extend their unbeaten streak.

2. Woodchucks – (2-1), Point Differential – 9. (Prev. 2)

The Woodchucks stay in the second spot in the Power Rankings, despite a loss against the Shockers for the week. Their only loss on the year is against the top ranked team, and their 2 wins came against 2 good opponents in French Toast Mafia and the Warewolves is what helped them keep the second spot. The Zit played great in the 28-39 loss against the Shockers as he went 27-39 for 332 yards, 4 TDs, and 0 interceptions. Anthony D’Addario (7 catches, 86 yards) and Jeremy Wozniak (4 catches, 66 yards, 1 TD) were his top 2 receivers on the day. On the season, the Zit has completed 67.5% of his passes, for 898 yards, 13 TDs, and 3 interceptions. The Zit has spread the ball around the field nicely, as his top receivers have been Anthony D’Addario (14 catches, 152 yards, 2 TDs), Wozniak (11 catches, 119 yards, 2 TDs), and Joe DeTroia (9 catches, 143 yards, 2 TDs).

The Woodchucks have had the toughest schedule through the first 3 weeks of the year. Conspiracy theorists may point to corruption in the Commissioner’s Office as a cause for this tough schedule. Either way, the schedule is about to get a lot easier for them as they play the winless Assassins in week 4 and the currently winless Rattlers in week 5.

3. French Toast Mafia – (2-1), Point Differential – 45. (Prev. 5)

A big week 3 win over the Squirrels allows French Toast Mafia to leap over the Warewolves in the Power Rankings to the third spot. Steve Knapp and Billy Belford had big games on offense as they took home the POTW Runner Up honors for QB and WR. Luke Fernandez also had a big game at WR as he had 5 catches for 64 yards, which included a circus-like catch that helped extend a late game drive for French Toast Mafia.

It was the defense that came up big in the late stages of the game against the Rabid Squirrels. The defense would have 3 interceptions, including a pick 6 that came in the final minute of the game as the Rabid Squirrels were attempting to put together a game winning drive. French Toast Mafia’s defense has also been putting up big numbers this season. Justin Kramer (7 sacks) and Casey Sirotniak (4 sacks) are ranked number 1 and 2 in the league for sacks. As a team, they also have 8 interceptions and 3 defensive TDs. French Toast Mafia will be playing the Grizzlies next week, as they look to stay hot and keep climbing up the power rankings.

4. Warewolves – (1-1- 1), Point Differential – 34. (Prev. 4)

The Warewolves stay down in the 4 th spot in the Power Rankings as they pick up their first win of the season against the Rattlers. The Commissioner, Chris Angelini, would have a huge game on both ends of the ball. He would have 2 interceptions returned for TDs on defense, and would go 23-30 for 356 yards and 5 TDs on offense. The JSGFFL leading receiver, Shane Capone, would add another 7 catches for 143 yards and a TD to his stats on the year. Mike Kalucki is the team’s second leading receiver with 15 catches for 190 yards and 2 TDs through the first 3 weeks.

The Warewolves will have a much tougher opponent in Week 4 against the Rabid Squirrels, a game in which I am dubbing the Game of the Week.

5. Rabid Squirrels – (2-1), Point Differential – 51. (Prev. 3)

The Rabid Squirrels drop from the 3 rd spot to the 5 th spot in the Power Rankings after a loss to French Toast Mafia. The Rabid Squirrels do still technically sit in 2 nd place in the standings on point differential, so I am sure this ranking will still piss a lot of Squirrels off.

The Squirrels would have solid games from Corey Feldman (6 catches, 76 yards) and Jihad Castro (2 interceptions) in the 25-14 losing effort to French Toast Mafia. Feldman is having a big season so far at WR as he has 16 catches for 266 yards and 5 TDs.

Next week the Squirrels will be battling the Warewolves in the Game of the Week. This game will have huge implications on how the playoff picture will eventually shake out.


Players of the Week – Week 3 Edition

Players of the Week – Week 3

By Sean Dochney


Joe Giuffre – Shockers

The Woodchucks did not have an answer for the Guffslinger and the rest of the Shockers offense. Giuffre would lead the Shockers to a 39-28 victory in the Game of the Week. Joe would go 23- 36 for 330 yards, 6 touchdowns and 0 interceptions. Charlie Barbiere was Joe’s top target on the day as he would go on to catch 6 passes for 97 yards and a touchdown. The Guffslinger is currently leading the league in touchdowns with 15, and is fourth in the league in yards with at 855. He has done all this while throwing only 1 interception through the first 3 weeks. Giuffre’s numbers should continue to rise as the Shockers enter the 9 am game as heavy favorites against the Rattlers. One would be wise to pick the Guffslinger for the inaugural week for JSGFFL Fantasy.

Runner Up

Steve Knapp – French Toast Mafia

Knapp will take the Runner Up honors for POTW this week. The runner up could have gone to John Zitani this week, who had slightly better stats in a losing effort. Steve gets the nod as he was able to help his team come away with a close 25-14 victory over the Rabid Squirrels. Knapp would go 29-38 for 310 yards, 3 TDs and 2 interceptions. The Rabid Squirrels entered the game unbeaten, and Knapp was able to just do enough to hand the Squirrels their first loss of the season. Knapp had help on the receiving end with big games from Billy Belford (8 catches, 99 yards, 2 TDs) and Luke Fernandez (5 catches, 54 yards). French Toast Mafia will look to stay hot as they matchup against the Grizzlies on Saturday.


Shane Capone – Warewolves

Shane had a big game for the Warewolves as the team was without Sean McAndrew again this past week. Shane would have 7 receptions for 143 yards and a TD as the Warewolves blew the Rattlers out 52-14. Shane would also go on to add an interception to his stat sheet defense. Capone was just adding to his monster start to the season as he is now the league leader in receptions (20), yards (345), and is tied with Corey Feldman with 5 touchdowns. Capone and the Warewolves will be taking on a much tougher opponent next week in the Rabid Squirrels. The Rabid Squirrels will have their hands full trying to stop the red hot Capone as both teams will be trying to avoid their second loss on the season.

Runner Up

Billy Belford – French Toast Mafia

French Toast Mafia was able to hold off the Rabid Squirrels to deliver the Squirrels their first loss of the season. The game would go down to the wire, as French Toast Mafia was able to get a pick 6 in the final minutes of the game to seal a 25-14 victory. Belford was the brightest spot for either offense in the contest that was otherwise a slow and sloppy game. Belford was the top target from the game and would go on to have 8 catches for 99 yards and 2 TDs. Billy is now second in the league to Shane Capone in both catches (19) and yards (289), and has added 4 TDs, which is tied for third in the league. French Toast Mafia will look to keep climbing up the power rankings as they take on the Grizzlies this upcoming week. This is not an easy matchup for French Toast Mafia, and Belford will need to have another big game to keep their winning ways going.


Chris Angelini – Warewolves

The Warewolves were short on players this past week, which forced the Commissioner into rare action on the defensive side of the ball. He would respond by picking off the very first pass of the game and returning it to the house for a touchdown. He would go on to have a 2 nd interception for touchdown later in the game as the Warewolves routed the Rattlers 52-14. You can see both of the pick 6’s not only on Plays of the Week, but the Commissioner’s personal Instagram, because the Commissioner is going to want the world to see him ball out and showcase his breakaway speed. The Commissioner will likely not see much time on defense next week because the Warewolves will need to have a full squad to go up against the Rabid Squirrels.

Runner Up

Rosie? (edit: Zach Rosengrant) – French Toast Mafia

I may not know for sure the name of this guy, but I do know he had a big game against Rabid Squirrels. The Chris Jensen look alike would have 2 interceptions against the previously unbeaten Rabid Squirrels. He would return his 2nd interception for a touchdown on a potential Rabid Squirrels game winning driving with a minute left in the game. This pick 6 would seal the victory for French Toast Mafia and helped them jump up a few spots in the Fine Five Power Rankings. French Toast Mafia has shown they have a big play defense through the first 3 weeks of the season. They have 12 sacks, 8 interceptions, and 3 defensive touchdowns. They will look to shut down the Grizzlies on Saturday in the prime time 12 o clock game.

Fine Five – Week 2

Power Rankings – Week 2

By Sean Dochney



The JSGFFL will be unveiling another feature in coming weeks with a weekly Gridiron Fantasy Contest where users can fill out a fantasy roster form with players from the JSGFFL.  We will have a more detailed post shortly!


Onto the Weekly Fine Five…


1. Shockers – (1-0- 1), Point Differential – 3. (Prev. 1)

No shock here as the Shockers remain at the top of the Fine Five Power Rankings as they remain without a loss for over 2 years now. They won a 34-31 nail biter against the expansion team Assassins, led by former Shocker Jim Florimont. The Shockers have appeared vulnerable over the first 2 weeks of the Summer Season, but they are still the defending champs that remain without a loss. The Guffslinger had his usual big game as he went 20-28 for 284 yards, 5 TDs, and 1 interception. Devon Snead (5 catches, 79 yards, 1 TD) and Anthony Spanola (6 catches, 86 yards, 2 TDs) were Guffslinger’s top 2 receivers for the day as both of them had big games. They will look to remain unbeaten in the upcoming Game of the Week against a tough Woodchucks (2-0) squad. That game will be at 10am.

2. Woodchucks – (2-0), Point Differential – 20. (Prev. 3)

The Lavaggi and Zit led Woodchucks were able to hold on for the 20-16 victory in the Rivalry Game of the Week against the Warewolves. The Warewolves almost came back to win this game after a Zitani interception with under 2 minutes to go, but the defense was able to keep them out of the end zone on that final drive to seal the victory. The Zit spread the ball around well as he ended up with the stat line of 25-37 for 235 yards, 3 TDs, and 2 picks. His top 2 receivers on the day were Charlie Mackie (5 catches, 62 yards, 2 TDs) and the birthday boy Devon McEllen (6 catches, 51 yards, and 1 TD).

The Woodchucks defense deserves the real spotlight for this week as the held the potent Warewolves offense to only 16 points. Garrett Lavaggi would be the defensive player of the week as the Warewolves, and especially Ryan Dooley will be having nightmares for weeks to come. Dooley may want to consider retirement after the mental and physical abuse he took at the hands of “Loud Mouth” Lavaggi. The Woodchucks will take on the number 1 ranked Shockers next week in the Game of the Week.

3. Rabid Squirrels – (2-0), Point Differential – 62. (Prev. 5)

The Rabid Squirrels will not be happy with being 3 rd in the power rankings this week as they technically sit in first place in the standings because of point differential. They were feeling real high on themselves after the dominant victory against the Grizzlies. Classless and tasteless chants of “Carlo Who” could be heard coming from Rabid Squirrels players. They even went so far in talking some smack and complaining to the devilishly handsome scorekeeper for more respect in the power rankings, so just for that, they sit at number 3 in the power rankings instead of being higher. I don’t know about anyone else, but I go to the games every Saturday rooting for friendly competition and good sportsmanship, the Rabid Squirrels do not show these qualities at all.

Sean Collins squashed any QB controversy that may have been brewing as he had one hell of a game against the Grizzlies, where the Rabid Squirrels would win 54-16. The Rabid Squirrels appear to have a very formidable receiving corps, even after losing top receiver Anthony Carlo. They received big games again from Joe Andress (7 catches, 97 yards, 2 TDs), Mike Lawrence (3 catches, 103 yards, 2 TDs), and Corey Feldman (6 catches, 64 yards, 2 TDs). The Rabid Squirrels also look to have one of the toughest defenses in the league as they shut down the Grizzlies, and last week’s QB of the week in Kyle Watson.

The Rabid Squirrels have shown to be a first half team, as evidenced by their 4-0 start last Spring, which would be followed by a late season collapse of epic proportion. The schedule has definitely been in their favor to start the Summer Season, as they have yet to play a playoff team from the Spring Season, and they will face off against another team in Week 3 that didn’t make the playoffs in French Toast Mafia. French Toast Mafia is definitely a good team though and week 3 should be a good matchup.

4. Warewolves – (0-1- 1), Point Differential – (-4). (Prev. 2)

The Warewolves suffered a tough loss against the Woodchucks in the Rivalry Game of the Week in week 2. For the second week in a row, the Warewolves were missing some big contributors to the squad and could not come up with a win. The Commissioner still posted a big game that saw him go 17- 28 for 272 yards, and 2 TDs. He received big contributions from Sean McAndrew (4 catches, 115 yards, 1 TD), Shane Capone (5 catches, 72 yards, 1 TD), and Mike Kalucki (6 catches, 76 yards). Mike Kalucki is an underrated player for the Warewolves who is breaking out in a big way so far in the first 2 weeks of Summer ball. Kalucki keeps making big plays on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball for the illiterate Warewovles (Seriously guys, it’s spelt Werewolves). The Warewolves will look to get back on track in week 3 as they are the heavy favorites against the Rattlers.

5. French Toast Mafia – (1-1), Point Differential – 34 (Prev. Unranked)

They have a new attitude this season with a new team name. They must have realized that No Lackin’ was by far the weakest team name during the Spring season, although I think they should have went with the name Abusement Park. They had a tough week 1 opponent in the Woodchucks, but rebounded nicely with a 56-6 win over the Rattlers. French Toast Mafia’s defense dominated the Rattlers as they would have 9 sacks, 4 interceptions, and 2 defensive touchdowns. Steve Knapp torched the Rattlers defense to a stat line of 20-28 for 303 yards, 6 TDs and 1 interception. He would have had another touchdown pass if it wasn’t for some showboating that resulted in a fumble by Dave Pankow. Dave Pankow (4 catches, 76 yards, 1 TD), Billy Belford (4 catches, 73 yards, 2 TDs), Luke Fernandez (3 catches, 72 yards, 1 TD), and James Tranz (4 catches, 45 yards, 2 TDs) all had big games receiving for French Toast Mafia. They have a much tougher opponent next week against the Rabid Squirrels as French Toast Mafia looks to inch up the power rankings further.

Players of the Week – Week 2 Edition

Players of the Week – Week 2

By Sean Dochney


Sean Collins – Rabid Squirrels

Sean was absolutely dominant in a real lopsided affair against the Grizzlies as the Rabid Squirrels cruised to a 54-16 victory. Collins would go 27-36 for 402 yards and 7 touchdowns without throwing an interception. Collins, who missed week 1, had a near perfect quarterback rating for the day with a 150.7. Collins spread the ball around phenomenally as receivers Mike Lawrence, Joe Andress and Corey Feldman would all haul in 2 touchdowns. Sean looks to stay hot next week as the Rabid Squirrels will play yet another team that missed out on the Spring Playoffs, French Toast Mafia. Sean looks to be a great add for your team in the JSGFFL’s new weekly fantasy contests (coming soon).

QB Runner Up

Jim Florimont – Assassins

Jim had a big game for the new expansion team Assassins as he played against his former squad, the Shockers. The Assassins would fall just short of shocking the world and handing the “Evil Empire” Shockers their first loss in over 2 years. This was a back and forth game that saw the Assassins lose 31-34. Florimont would go 21-41 for 332 yards, 5 touchdowns, and 0 picks for the day. His 2 top receivers, the Anonymous Benny and Jake Kearton, would each have 5 catches for over 100 yards on the day. It was an impressive showing for the Assassins even though they took the loss. They will be playing the Grizzlies in this upcoming week, and the Assassins will look to crack the Fine Five Power Rankings if they can come away with a victory. Jim looks to be a great add for your team in the JSGFFL’s new weekly fantasy contests (coming soon).


Anonymous Benny – Assassins

The Anonymous Benny came out of nowhere for the Assassins and had a huge game that helped his team almost pull off the biggest upset of the young Summer Season. The Mysterious One would make big play after big play for the Assassins as he hauled in 5 catches for 148 yards and a touchdown. I don’t even know this guy’s last name, but if he can keep making big plays like last week, the Assassins will surprise a lot of people this year. Anonymous Benny will be looking to do some damage against the Grizzlies this upcoming week. Benny looks to be a great add for your team in the JSGFFL’s new weekly fantasy contests (coming soon).

WR Runner Up

Joe Andress – Rabid Squirrels

Andress filled in admirably week 1 as QB when Collins was a no show, but Joe was back to WR for week 2 against the Grizzlies. He made his present felt too as he made 7 catches for 97 yards and 2 touchdowns. The Rabid Squirrels were feeling pretty good about themselves after the victory as you could hear some yelling “Carlo Who”. Some might say they are getting a little ahead of themselves since the schedule has been in their favor, but more on that in the power rankings due to come out later. The Rabid Squirrels will be playing French Toast Mafia on Saturday, and will need the balanced receiving corps to come up big again for them. Joe looks to be a great add for your team in the JSGFFL’s new weekly fantasy contests (coming soon).


Garrett Lavaggi – Woodchucks

Stats can’t come close to measuring the level of impact “Loud Mouth” Lavaggi had on the game against the Warewolves, in which the Woodchucks would win 20-16. The Woodchucks Spiritual leader earned the moniker of “Dooley’s Daddy” in this game as he was able to get in his head all day and left Ryan on Lavaggi Island. Everyone could tell that Dooley lost the psychological battle even before stepping on the field this past week (see #TrollingDooleyWeek on Twitter). Dooley was intimidated and frustrated and would even go on to drop multiple balls with Lavaggi on him. Dooley, not known to be a blocker, would whimper with his tail between his legs and start blocking when he could not haul in a catch with Lavaggi blanketing him. Dooley is still feeling the psychosomatic side effects, rumor has it that he faked an ankle injury just so he wouldn’t have to show up for week 3. Lavaggi will be leading the Woodchucks against another tough game in the Shockers on Saturday. Garrett looks to be a great add for your team in the JSGFFL’s new weekly fantasy contests (coming soon).

Defensive Runner Up

Justin Kramer – French Toast Mafia

French Toast Mafia absolutely crushed the Rattlers to a score of 56-6. The Rattlers had no answer for Kramer’s pass rush as Justin would end up with 6 sacks. The Rattlers’ QB Anthony Manuzza was visibly rattled by the pass rush and could not get anything going on offense. Kramer and French Toast Mafia will see QB POTW Sean Collins and the Rabid Squirrels in Week 3. Collins will definitely have his hands full against a much better pass rush that French Toast Mafia brings to the table. Kramer looks to be a great add for your team in the JSGFFL’s new weekly fantasy contests (coming soon).

Fine Five – Week 1

JSGFFL Summer 16 Power Rankings – Week 1

By Sean Dochney

1. The Shockers – (0-0- 1), Point Differential – 0

The Shockers come into the summer season looking to defend their undefeated Spring Championship title. Last season’s league MVP, The Guffslinger, is back as their QB, and they have added even more big play pieces around him. The “Evil Empire” Shockers have poached some top talent from around the league to play for them this summer, including Anthony Carlo, who was one of the best receivers of the Spring season. Interestingly enough, Carlo was not utilized on offense at all, but if they come to their senses and let Carlo see snaps on the offense side of the ball, the Shockers will be even deadlier.

Their first game of the season was not an easy one as they played the Warewolves, in a rematch of the Spring title game. The game would end in a draw, but the Shockers will stay on top of these power rankings until someone can prove that they can be beaten. The Shockers go into next week as heavy favorites against the Assassins.

2. The Warewolves – (0-0- 1), Point Differential – 0

The Warewolves may not know how to spell, (werewolves), but they can sure play some flag football. They are led by the Commissioner, Chris Angelini, and big play makers in Shane Capone, Chris McIntosh, and Sean McAndrew. The Commissioner still has a bad taste in his mouth over losing the Spring Championship to the Shockers, and is out to prove he is not the Tony Romo-esque choke artist everyone thinks he is.

This past week was a tough matchup for the Warewolves against the Shockers, especially since they were missing big pieces to their team like Sean McAndrew, Chris McIntosh, Darian Dillard, Chris DiMicco and the “Big Cat” Chris Meyler. The Commissioner played brilliantly to the stat line of 17-28 for 261 yards and 4 touchdowns. Shane Capone (8 rec, 130 yards, 3 TDs) and Mike Kalucki (6 rec, 86 yards, 1 TD) stepped up big time in the absence of McAndrew and McIntosh. And on a side note, this was the first game ever that I didn’t see Ryan Dooley drop any passes, although he didn’t catch any either.

The Warewolves have another tough opponent next week in the rivalry game of the week against the Woodchucks. The Woodchucks’ Garrett “Dooley’s Daddy” Lavaggi has already predicted Ryan Dooley to go a 2nd straight week without a catch.

3. The Woodchucks – (1-0), Point Differential – 16

The Woodchucks are led by their fearless leader and JSGFFL fan favorite in John “The Zit” Zitani. There is not a bad thing that can be said about the Zit as he is always doing charitable work for his community and says all the right things in his press conferences. The Zit may not throw the ball further then 10 yards down the field, but he finds a way to get the job done week in and week out. The Woodchucks led the Spring Season in team sacks with Steve Dalrymple and their spiritual leader, Garrett“Dooley’s Daddy” Lavaggi leading the way.

This past week, the Woodchucks took care of business as usual in the 43-27 win against French Toast Mafia. The Zit completed passes to 8 different receivers on the way to 331 yards and 6 touchdowns. Joe DeTroia led the team in receiving yards with 82 and a touchdown, he also added an interception on defense.

They match up against the Warewolves this upcoming week, and rumor has it that Ryan Dooley may not show up for the Warewolves because of his fear of Lavaggi’s intensity on defense.

4. The Grizzlies – (1-0), Point Differential – 16

The Grizzlies just missed the Spring playoffs last season but are looking to show that was a fluke this year. They have a very good receiving corps of playmakers in Bobby Forcella, Peter Torres, and Maliq Black. All three of them had over 500 yards receiving in the Spring. They seem to have added a new QB for the summer in Kyle Watson. I am jumping on the Watson band wagon as he was impressive in his debut this past Saturday, on his way to victory and QB Player of the Week.

The Grizzlies beat an improved Rattlers squad 46-30 this past week. Kyle Watson was a machine at QB that constantly threaded the needle and had the crowd in awe of some of his passes. Bobby Forcella had a huge game as well as he caught 7 passes for 129 and a touchdown. Bobby was in consideration for the WR runner up for Players of the Week, but fell just short of Corey Feldman from Rabid Squirrels because of touchdowns.

The Grizzlies will be looking to get over the hump and into the playoffs this season. They face off against the Rabid Squirrels in a big game this upcoming week.

5. The Rabid Squirrels – (1-0), Point Differential 24

The Rabid Squirrels looked like the flag football equivalent to the 2007 New York Mets last Spring Season as they started out 4-0, only to lose their last 4 games and miss the playoffs altogether in the Spring season. They have the highest point differential in the league right now and are technically in first place, but they have a lot to prove before moving up on these rankings. They also lost one of the best receivers in the league in Anthony Carlo, who is now highly underutilized for the Shockers.

The Rabid Squirrels beat up on the Assassins this past week 30-6. Joe Andress had a big game at the helm and went 16-27 for 289 yards and 5 touchdowns. Corey Feldman picked up a lot of the slack in the absence of Carlo as he was runner up in Players of the Week for both WR and Defense.

The Rabid Squirrels will have a slightly tougher matchup this week against the Kyle Watson led Grizzlies.

Players of the Week – Week 1 Edition

Players of the Week – Week 1 – Summer 2016

By Sean Dochney



Kyle Watson – The Grizzlies

Kyle set quite the impression in his JSGFFL debut for the Grizzlies. He led the Grizzlies to a 46-30 victory over an improved Rattlers squad, and flirted with a perfect QB rating for the day, but would fall just shy at 154.9. Watson would go 25-34 (73.5%) for 424 yards, 5 touchdowns and no interceptions. The Grizzlies will take on a tougher opponent next week in the Grizzlies where Watson will look to continue his hot start.

Runner Up

John “The Zit” Zitani – Woodchucks

The Zit popped off again this week as the Woodchucks defeated French Toast Mafia 43-27. The Zit lost one of his top receivers in the offseason in Zach Emmitt, but it didn’t seem to matter as he was still able to put up a big game. Zitani went 20-32 for 331 yards, 6 touchdowns and 1 interception thrown. The Zit is a longtime fan favorite and poster boy of the JSGFFL even though he plays for the “hard to root for” Woodchucks.


Shane Capone – Warewolves

Capone was a huge component in the Warewolves 28-28 tie against the defending champion Shockers. The Warewolves were missing a few of their top receivers this week, but the elusive Capone came up big with 8 catches for 130 yards and 3 TDs on a league high 17 targets. Shane will look to keep things going as the Warewolves have another tough matchup next week against the Woodchucks

Runner Up

Corey Feldman – Rabid Squirrels

The Goonie made huge plays for the Rabid Squirrels in their 30-6 victory over the Assassins. Feldman had 4 receptions for 128 yards and 3 touchdowns on the day, and would add an interception on defense. The Rabid Squirrels are coming off a tough Spring season that saw them miss the playoffs after starting 4-0. The Rabid Squirrels match up against the Grizzlies next week as both teams will look to extend their records to 2-0.


Michael Medina – Grizzlies

Medina had an interception and scored the only defensive touchdown of the week and it came at a crucial time against the Rattlers as the Grizzlies won 46-30. The Grizzlies will need another big day from Medina and their defense as they play the Rabid Squirrels next week.

Runner Up

Corey Feldman

Corey not only receives runner up for WR, but also for defense this week as he had an interception and a sack on defense. The Rabid Squirrels held the Assassins to a league low 6 points and 154 yards of offense. Mike Lawrence added another interception, while John Petrowski had a sack as well. The Squirrels will need another big game next week as they face off against the Grizzlies.