Fine Five – Week 3

Week 3 Power Rankings

By Sean Dochney

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1. Shockers – (2-0- 1), Point Differential – 14. (Prev. 1)

The Shockers stay on top of the Fine Five Power Rankings with a big win against the number 2 ranked Woodchucks. The Guffslinger would be named the QB POTW for his performance in the 39-28 win over the Woodchucks. Anthony Carlo got involved with the Shockers offense for the first time this season as he hauled in 5 catches for 54 yards and a TD on 9 targets. Charlie Barbiere, Anthony Spanola, and Devon Snead would all have big plays and big games for the Shockers as well. Barbiere, Snead, and Spanola are all off to hot starts receiving for the Shockers through the first 3 weeks. The Shockers are heavy favorites as they matchup against the Rattlers in week 4 as they look to extend their unbeaten streak.

2. Woodchucks – (2-1), Point Differential – 9. (Prev. 2)

The Woodchucks stay in the second spot in the Power Rankings, despite a loss against the Shockers for the week. Their only loss on the year is against the top ranked team, and their 2 wins came against 2 good opponents in French Toast Mafia and the Warewolves is what helped them keep the second spot. The Zit played great in the 28-39 loss against the Shockers as he went 27-39 for 332 yards, 4 TDs, and 0 interceptions. Anthony D’Addario (7 catches, 86 yards) and Jeremy Wozniak (4 catches, 66 yards, 1 TD) were his top 2 receivers on the day. On the season, the Zit has completed 67.5% of his passes, for 898 yards, 13 TDs, and 3 interceptions. The Zit has spread the ball around the field nicely, as his top receivers have been Anthony D’Addario (14 catches, 152 yards, 2 TDs), Wozniak (11 catches, 119 yards, 2 TDs), and Joe DeTroia (9 catches, 143 yards, 2 TDs).

The Woodchucks have had the toughest schedule through the first 3 weeks of the year. Conspiracy theorists may point to corruption in the Commissioner’s Office as a cause for this tough schedule. Either way, the schedule is about to get a lot easier for them as they play the winless Assassins in week 4 and the currently winless Rattlers in week 5.

3. French Toast Mafia – (2-1), Point Differential – 45. (Prev. 5)

A big week 3 win over the Squirrels allows French Toast Mafia to leap over the Warewolves in the Power Rankings to the third spot. Steve Knapp and Billy Belford had big games on offense as they took home the POTW Runner Up honors for QB and WR. Luke Fernandez also had a big game at WR as he had 5 catches for 64 yards, which included a circus-like catch that helped extend a late game drive for French Toast Mafia.

It was the defense that came up big in the late stages of the game against the Rabid Squirrels. The defense would have 3 interceptions, including a pick 6 that came in the final minute of the game as the Rabid Squirrels were attempting to put together a game winning drive. French Toast Mafia’s defense has also been putting up big numbers this season. Justin Kramer (7 sacks) and Casey Sirotniak (4 sacks) are ranked number 1 and 2 in the league for sacks. As a team, they also have 8 interceptions and 3 defensive TDs. French Toast Mafia will be playing the Grizzlies next week, as they look to stay hot and keep climbing up the power rankings.

4. Warewolves – (1-1- 1), Point Differential – 34. (Prev. 4)

The Warewolves stay down in the 4 th spot in the Power Rankings as they pick up their first win of the season against the Rattlers. The Commissioner, Chris Angelini, would have a huge game on both ends of the ball. He would have 2 interceptions returned for TDs on defense, and would go 23-30 for 356 yards and 5 TDs on offense. The JSGFFL leading receiver, Shane Capone, would add another 7 catches for 143 yards and a TD to his stats on the year. Mike Kalucki is the team’s second leading receiver with 15 catches for 190 yards and 2 TDs through the first 3 weeks.

The Warewolves will have a much tougher opponent in Week 4 against the Rabid Squirrels, a game in which I am dubbing the Game of the Week.

5. Rabid Squirrels – (2-1), Point Differential – 51. (Prev. 3)

The Rabid Squirrels drop from the 3 rd spot to the 5 th spot in the Power Rankings after a loss to French Toast Mafia. The Rabid Squirrels do still technically sit in 2 nd place in the standings on point differential, so I am sure this ranking will still piss a lot of Squirrels off.

The Squirrels would have solid games from Corey Feldman (6 catches, 76 yards) and Jihad Castro (2 interceptions) in the 25-14 losing effort to French Toast Mafia. Feldman is having a big season so far at WR as he has 16 catches for 266 yards and 5 TDs.

Next week the Squirrels will be battling the Warewolves in the Game of the Week. This game will have huge implications on how the playoff picture will eventually shake out.


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