Fine Five – Week 7

Week 7 Power Rankings

By Sean Dochney

1. Shockers (6-0- 1), Point Differential – 129. (Prev. 1)

The Shockers remain unbeaten after a 34-24 victory over French Toast Mafia. They had their usual big games on offense out of the Guffslinger (347 passing yards, 5 TDs, 2 int.) and his receivers Snead (8 rec. 115, 2 TDs) and Barbiere (6 rec. 94 yards, 1 TD). Erickson, Snead and Bryan Soletto all chipped in an interception on defense. The Shockers have clinched the number 1 seed for the playoffs already but still need to play the Warewolves in Week 8, who they tied in Week 1. All playoff spots are clinched, but the Warewolves still have positioning to play for. If the Shockers win in Week 8, they will be playing the Warewolves again the following week in the first week of the playoffs. This is a rematch of the Spring championship game and should be a close battle and will be considered the Game of the Week.

2. Rabid Squirrels (5-2), Point Differential – 79. (Prev. 2)

The Rabid Squirrels crushed the Rattlers in Week 7 to a tune of 60-13. QB Sean Collins had a huge game as he threw for 318 yards, 7 TDs, and 2 interceptions. Mike Lawrence had a big game as well chipping in 3 catches for 99 yards, 2 TDs, and a pick 6 on defense. The Squirrels have gotten big seasons out of their trio of receivers that consist of Mike Lawrence (25 rec. 534 yards, 8 TDs), Joe Andress (28 rec. 352 yards, 6 TDs), and Corey Feldman (26 rec. 378 yards, 5 TDs).

All playoff spots are clinched, but there is still playoff positioning to be played for in Week 8. After an epic collapse to the Spring season, the Squirrels came out strong in the Summer season and have clinched one of those playoff spots. Don’t worry Sean Collins, I have gone over every scenario for Week 8 and there is no chance for you to miss out of the playoffs this season. The Squirrels currently sit in 3 rd place in the standings and would be playing the Woodchucks in the first round if the standings hold up the way they sit now. The Squirrels will be playing the Assassins in Week 8, who they beat 30-6 in Week 1. All the Squirrels have to do is win in Week 8 to avoid playing the unbeaten Shockers in the first round of the playoffs. If the Squirrels were to be upset by the Assassins, and the Warewolves win against the Shockers, the Rabid Squirrels will be playing Shockers in the first round of the playoffs.

3. Woodchucks (5-2), Point Differential – 144. (Prev. 3)

No change in the Fine Five for the Woodchucks as they blew out and ended the playoff hopes for the Grizzlies 56-12. The Zit was a stud per usual in the game as he threw for 440 yards with 8 TDs without throwing an interception. Big contributions came at the receiver position for Terron Maples (8 rec. 101 yards, 1 TD), Jeremy Wozniak (5 rec. 94 yards, 2 TDs), Ant D’Addario (5 rec. 93 yards, 1 TD), and The Undertaker (4 rec. 72 yards, 1 TD).

With a playoff spot clinched, The Woodchucks will be playing to keep their 2 nd seed against French Toast Mafia in Week 8. The Woodchucks were able to come away with a 43-27 victory in the Week 1 matchup against French Toast Mafia. If Woodchucks lose, they could see the Shockers in the first round of the playoffs if both Warewolves and Rabid Squirrels win as well.

4. Warewolves (4-2- 1), Point Differential – 104. (Prev. 4)

After a rough start to the season, the Warewolves have been able to battle back and clinch a playoff spot. The Warewolves were able to come up with a victory against the Assassins in Week 7, despite the play of the Commissioner Chris Angelini, who threw his first 2 interceptions of the season. Chris got big games out of receivers Shane Capone (4 rec. 102 yards, 2 TDs, 1 defensive int.) and Chris McIntosh (2 rec. 72 yards, 1 TD). Shane has been the top receiver in the league this season and could be the league MVP with 42 catches for 870 yards and 13 TDs. Mike Kalucki has also made major contributions with his 29 catches for 381 yards and 5 TDs.

The Wolves will be playing the Shockers this week in a rematch from Week 1 that ended in a tie. This is also a rematch from the Spring Championship game that ended in a Shockers victory. This is the game of the week and could very well be a preview of the first round of the playoffs if the standings were to remain as they do now. The Wolves are going to need Sean McAndrew to show up if they want to get a win and hope to position them better for the playoffs.

5. French Toast Mafia (3-4), Point Differential – 5. (Prev. 5)

French Toast put up a good battle against Shockers this past week, but fell a little bit short and was eliminated from the playoffs. Dave Pankow dislocated his elbow on the final play of this game and we hope he is doing alright now. Billy Belford had a monster game with 5 catches for 199 yards and 3 TDs. One of these catches came from a trick play in which Luke Fernandez hurled a bomb to Billy. Luke has a perfect QB rating on the year after this play, and I suggest he doesn’t attempt a pass next week so he can talk shit on his QB Steve Knapp, who has now thrown more interceptions then the Rattlers’ Anthony “The Mighty Duck” Manuzza this season (if you’ve seen Manuzza try to throw a deep ball that nickname will make sense). On the season, Billy has 31 catches for 725 yards and 10 TDs. Justin Kramer and Casey Sirotniak still sit 1 and 2 on the sack leaderboard with 10 and 9 on the season. So there is hope for French Toast next season if they are able to limit the turnovers on offense. French Toast can play spoiler in a sense this week by beating the Woodchucks. The Woodchucks will still be in the playoffs, but they can fall from the 2 seed to the 4 seed potentially, and have to take on the Shockers in the first round of the playoffs.


Players of the Week – Week 7 Edition

Players of the Week – Week 7

By Sean Dochney


John Zitani – Woodchucks

The Zit popped off again this week as the Woodchucks dismantled the Grizzlies and eliminated the Grizzlies from playoff contention.  The final score would end up being 56-12 for the Woodchucks.  Zitani could do no wrong in this game as he went 29-38 for 440 yards and 8 TDs.  In classic Zitani fashion he would spread the ball all over the field as he had 9 receivers record a reception.  Zitani moved himself up to the second rated passer this season with the big game and now holds a 136.0 rating.  He has the most passing yards in the league with 2,454 and is tied for the league lead in TD passes with 38.  He has done this with only throwing 4 interceptions this season.  The Woodchucks have clinched a playoff spot already, but are still fighting for positioning as they take on French Toast Mafia in Week 8.


Runner Up

Joe Giuffre – Shockers

The Shockers have clinched the number 1 seed for the playoffs with a 34-24 win over French Toast Mafia, as they remain unbeaten through the first 7 weeks of the season.  The Guffslinger was at it again in the victory as he went 27-39 for 347 yards, 5 TDs, and 2 interceptions.  On the season, Giuffre is second in yards with 2,439, and tied for the league lead in TDs with 38.  He currently owns a QB rating of 134.8, which is good for 3rd in the league.  The Shockers only have pride on the line in Week 8 as the take on the Warewolves in a week 1 rematch that ended in a draw.



Billy Belford – French Toast Mafia

Billy had a big game in a losing effort to the Shockers this past week.  It was a must win for French Toast, who now see themselves eliminated from playoff contention after the loss.   Billy did all that he could to keep French Toast Mafia in the game as he hauled in 5 catches for 196 yards and 3 TDs.  Billy has been phenomenal all season as he sits in second in both yards (725) and TDs (10) for receivers.  Shane Capone is the only receiver having a better season than Billy.  French Toast Mafia will take on the Woodchucks in Week 8 in a game that only pride will be on the line for French Toast.  Mafia could potentially knock the Woodchucks from the number 2 seed in the playoffs, to the number 4 seed for the playoffs if they are able to pull off the upset.


Runner Up

Devon Snead – Shockers

Snead continued his solid season in Week 7 as he hauled in 8 receptions for 115 yards and 2 TDs in the win against French Toast Mafia.  Snead has been a stud for the Shockers all season and sits in 3rd place in the WR leaderboards.  He is tied with teammate Charlie Barbiere for the second most catches in the league with 34.  He also sits in 3rd for both yards and TDs with 584 yards and 8 TDs.  The Shockers will look to remain unbeaten as they take on the Warewolves, who they tied in a Week 1 showdown.  This could very well be preview of the first week of the playoffs if the standings remain the same after Week 8.



Jihad Castro – Rabid Squirrels

The Rabid Squirrels dismantled the Rattlers to a score of 60-13 in Week 7.  The Rabid Squirrels defense scored the same amount of TDs this week as the Rattlers offense did for the game.  Jihad contributed to that as he had 2 interceptions, 1 of which he returned for a TD.  Castro is leading the league in interceptions with 4 this season, and is tied with the Commissioner for the lead in defensive TDs with 2.  The Rabid Squirrels will be taking on the winless Assassins in Week 8, but don’t count the Assassins out, as they have had close games with the Shockers, Warewolves, and French Toast Mafia.


Runner Up

Mike Lawrence – Rabid Squirrels

Lawrence had the only other defensive TD this week and earned himself defensive runner up in the process.  Mike had the defensive TD on his only interception of the game in the blow out against the Rattlers.  It was the first interception of the year for Mike, who is having a great year as the Squirrels leading receiver.  The Rabid Squirrels can breathe easy heading into Week 8 as they have clinched a playoff spot.  They will just be playing for positioning as they take on the Assassins.

Fine Five – Week 6

Power Rankings – Week 6

By Sean Dochney

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1. Shockers – (5-0- 1), Point Differential – 119. (Prev. 1)

The Shockers won again, this time against the Grizzlies, the final score was 38-6. The usual suspects had good games for the Shockers again. Giuffre took home another POTW with his 356 yards and 5 TDs. Barbiere would have 7 catches for 135 yards, and a TD. King TUTdown (Ryan Pharo) had 4 catches for 94 yards, and 2 TDs. Devon Snead also had a day, hauling in 3 catches for 68 yards. The Guffslinger has been one of the best QBs in the league for a while now, and having what is probably the best receiving corps in the league doesn’t hurt him. Devon Snead (26 rec. 469 yards, 6 TDs), Charlie Barbiere (28 rec. 432 yards, 4 TDs), Ryan Pharo (21 rec. 328 yards, 7 TDs), Anthony Spanola (26 rec. 272 yards, 6 TDs), and Anthony Carlo (19 rec. 286 yards, 3 TDs), are all putting up good seasons for the Shockers. Out of all those receivers, King TUTdown owns the best QBR to WR rating at 158.33. This stat came as a surprise to me considering Spanola never goes out over 5 yards for a pass so there is usually never a chance the ball will hit the ground or be picked off when thrown to him. Next week the Shockers will be playing French Toast Mafia. The Shockers shouldn’t sleep on French Toast, who should be dangerous as they will be playing some desperate ball as they are fighting for life to stay in the playoff race.

2. Rabid Squirrels – (4-2), Point Differential – 32. (Prev. 3)

The Squirrels sit in 2 nd place in the power rankings even though they are technically 3 rd in standings because of point differential. This is the first time they are actually ahead of their spot in the standings, and they’ve earned this place in the rankings. Sean Collins made sure to point out to me Saturday that they have now beaten 2 playoff teams from last season, and hats off to the Squirrels. I still won’t say they play with class and sportsmanship though; my ego isn’t ready to give them too much credit just yet.

In an important game against the Woodchucks, the Rabid Squirrels showed up big time and won 27-20. Sean Collins had a nice game going 21-40 for 282 yards, 3 TDs and 0 interceptions. Mike Lawrence broke out in a big way with a 7 catch, 132 yard, and 2 TD performance. Joe Andress has been the epitome of a possession receiver all season, and that stayed true against the Woodchucks as he caught 5 passes for 67 yards and a TD. Bill Budd was able to pick up a sack on defense, while someone not on the official roster named Faulkner on back of his jersey pulled in an interception. Faulkner sounds like a ringer to me guys; I don’t care if I am almost positive I’ve seen him there every week.

The Rabid Squirrels have found success with their very good trio of receivers Mike Lawrence (22 rec. 435 yards, 6 TDs), Corey Feldman (26 rec. 378 yards, 5 TDs), and Joe Andress (26 rec. 308 yards, 6 TDs). They all rank in the top 11 on the JSGFFL leaderboard for receivers. Sean Collins is also having an impressive season. He is the 5 th rated QB with a 111.7 rating. He has 1551 yards, 19 TDs, and 6 interceptions. They will be taking on the Rattlers this Saturday, and there is no denying the Squirrels are the heavy favorites. The only upset that may occur in this game is if the Squirrels play honorably and with good sportsmanship.

3. Woodchucks – (4-2), Point Differential – 100, (Prev. 2)

The Woodchucks lost the Game of the Week against the Rabid Squirrels this past week and slipped in the power rankings, but not the standings. But as everyone already knows the standings don’t really matter; the opinion of the guy keeping the score and stats is really the only thing that’s important. The Zit still had a nice stat line per usual, he went 23-33 for 259 yards, 3 TDs and 1 interception. The Woz, who has quietly been one of the top receivers in the league this season, also had a nice game with 6 catches for 95 yards and a TD. Jose Ortiz didn’t try to fight anyone, so that is always a positive takeaway any time that happens. Jose did have a sack and 5 catches for 48 yards on the day as well.

On the season, the Zit is the 3 rd rated QB with a 132.8 rating. He sits in 2nd in both yards (2,014) and TDs (30) to the Guffslinger. The Zit, or Check Down Charlie as some like to call him, spreads the ball out well to his receivers. Jeremy Wozniak (27 rec. 381 yards, 6 TDs), Charlie Mackie (14 rec. 266 yards, 5 TDs), Chris “The Undertaker” D’Addario (17 rec. 220 yards, 5 TDs), and Anthony D’Addario (23 rec. 265 yards, 3 TDs) have all put up solid numbers so far this season.

The Woodchucks still sit in a good spot even after the loss. They don’t have the easiest schedule remaining, that honor belongs to the Rabid Squirrels, but they will go into both of their remaining games as the favorites. They really only need to win one of the games to make sure they get into the playoffs. They will be looking for that win against the Grizzlies in Week 7.

4. Warewolves – (3-2- 1), Point Differential – 91. (Prev. 5)

The Commissioner led the Warewolves to a 28-12 victory on the heels of a 21-30 for 276 yards, and 4 TD game. He is the highest rated QB in the league and still has not thrown an interception. Shane Capone was his usual elusively dominant self with 8 catches for 122 yards and 2 TDs. Dizzy Izzy Rodriguez would chip in 2 sacks on the defensive side of the ball.

The Warewolves have lived and died by the Angelini – Capone connection for the season. Do not sleep on Mike Kalucki though, he may be the 3 rd option on days McAndrew shows up, but he is putting up a great season and is one of the most underrated players in the league on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball. Kalucki now has caught 26 passes for 344 yards, and 4 TDs. He also has 2 interceptions, but it always seems as if he or Chris DiMicco are pulling all the flags out there on D.

The Wolves have clawed their way back into a playoff spot after a rough start to the season. They will take on the Assassins, who are winless but always seem to find themselves in close games with top teams. The Wolves need to win this game because they will be taking on the Shockers in Week 8. The Wolves do not want to enter Week 8 against the Shockers in a win or go home scenario.

5. French Toast Mafia – (3-3), Point Differential – 15. (Prev. 4)

French Toast Mafia and the Grizzlies are both on the outside looking in at the playoffs. French Toast edges the Grizzlies out in the Power Rankings because of a better defense and a positive point differential.

French Toast Mafia lost to the Warewolves 28-12 this past week. Luke Fernandez was really the only bright spot on the offensive side of the ball as he caught 4 passes for 76 yards and the only 2 TDs that FTM would score. Luke, AKA the Cuban Missile, is in the middle of putting up a nice season with 17 catches for 266 yards, and 5 TDs. Casey Sirotniak and Justin Kramer continued their tenacious pass rush against the Wolves as they combined for 7 sacks on the day. They sit in 1 st and 2nd in the league in sacks on the season.

It’s not going to be easy for FTM to make the playoffs. They by far have the hardest schedule over the last few weeks of the season; they will play the Shockers in Week 7 and the Woodchucks in Week 8. You still have to play the games though, and French Toast has the talent at receiver and pass rush to sneak their way into the playoffs with a few upsets.

Players of the Week – Week 6 Edition

Players of the Week – Week 6

By Sean Dochney

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Joe Giuffre – Shockers

The Guffslinger takes home yet another QB POTW honors as he lead the Shockers to a 38-6 win over the Grizzlies. The Grizzlies defense had no answer for Joe as he completed 21 out of his 27 pass attempts for 352 yards, 5 TDs and 1 interception. Charlie Barbiere and Ryan Pharo were the 2 top beneficiaries of Giuffre’s big game as Barbiere had 7 catches for 135 yards and a TD, and King TUTdown had 4 catches for 94 yards and 2 TDs (don’t mind my cheesy pharaoh joke Ryan). On the season, the Guffslinger is the number 2 rated QB behind the Commissioner with a rating of 138.7. Joe does have the most yards and TDs in the league with 2092 yards and 33 TDs. He has done this while only throwing 3 interceptions, which is a big improvement from last season. The Shockers will be playing French Toast Mafia next week as French Toast looks to keep their dwindling playoff hopes alive.

Runner Up

Chris Angelini – Warewolves

The Commissioner had another big week this week against French Toast Mafia despite lack of pass protection that saw him get sacked 7 times. The Warewolves would win the game 28-12 and Ang would go 21-30 for 276 yards, and 4 TDs. Chris is the top rated QB in the league and he still has not thrown any interceptions this summer. Shane Capone was his top receiver on the day, but more on him in the next section. Chris McIntosh had a nice game himself as he caught 4 balls for 62 yards and 2 TDs. It is worth noting that the Commissioner got one of his receivers back this week in Ryan Dooley who has been sidelined with terrible anxiety issues after a week 2 mental and physical beat down that came at the hands of the Woodchucks’ Garrett Lavaggi. We’re glad the month of intense psychotherapy paid off Dooley and we will be excited to see you back out there this upcoming Saturday. The Commissioner has a 143.3 rating on the season and is third in both yards (1902) and TDs (27). Don’t let the total yards fool you, he has the most yards per attempt in the league at 10.7, he just runs one of the slowest offenses I’ve ever seen. The Warewolves are sitting in a playoff spot now after a tough start to the season and go into next game as the favorites against the winless Assassins.


Shane Capone – Warewolves

Capone continued his monster season with an 8 catch 122 yard performance that saw him reach the end zone 2 times. The elusive Capone has been a man amongst boys this year as he leads all receiving categories by a wide margin. He has 38 catches for 768 yards and 11 TDs on the season. He has 11 more catches, over 200 more yards, and 4 more TDs then the receivers who sit in 2 nd place on the leaderboards in those categories. Capone is the only receiver in the league that is in reach of having 1,000 yards this season and is on pace to get 1,024. The Assassins will have their hands full next week trying to stop Shane.

Runner Up

Mike Lawrence – Rabid Squirrels

The Rabid Squirrels pulled off a little mini upset in the Game of the Week as they took down the Woodchucks 27-20. Mike Lawrence had himself a day, he would have 7 catches for 132 yards and 2 TDs. The Squirrels needed every one of his yards as this game went down to the wire. Lawrence is having a fine season as he has the most yards and TDs for the Squirrels receiving unit. He ranks 6 th on the JSGFFL leaderboards for receivers with his 22 catches for 435 yards, and 6 TDs. The Squirrels sit in 3 rd place in the standings because of point differential but I get the feeling they will be higher in the Fine Five Power Rankings after a win against the Woodchucks; and let’s face it, my power rankings are more important than the actual standings anyway. The Squirrels can clinch a playoff spot next week with a win against the 0 and forever Rattlers, but will need French Toast Mafia and Grizzlies to lose.


Justin Kramer – French Toast Mafia

Justin Kramer had a big week on defense in a loss against the Warewolves, as he was able to record 3 sacks. Some may find it strange that Kramer will take home POTW for defense over his own teammate, Casey Sirotniak, who racked up 4 sacks himself in the game. Others may remember a controversial runner up for POTW back in Week 2 for Justin Kramer when Garrett Lavaggi took home the top honors without recording a defensive stat in the game. Garrett’s POTW was still well deserved in my book, but Justin has been a tenacious pass rusher all year as he leads the league in sacks with 10, and it’s time he gets some recognition. We will call Casey the co-POTW this week, but he’s still not getting his name on the headline. Casey is now 2nd in the league in sacks with 9. French Toast Mafia is on the outside looking into the playoffs and the schedule is not getting any easier for them as they take on the Shockers in Week 7, and the Woodchucks in Week 8.

Runner Up

Jim Florimont – Assassins

The Assassins took on the Rattlers this past week in the battle of the winless teams. Going into the game one would think that there would only be 1 winless team after last week, but with a stroke of irony the game ended in a tie. The Assassins yet again only had the minimum 6 players show up for the game, and they played their hearts out in the heat. Jim has been having a nice season for the Assassins playing on both sides of the ball, including QB for the Assassins offense. In Week 6 he would record a sack, an interception, and a defensive TD. The Assassins will go into next week against the Warewolves, but don’t sleep on this Assassin team that took the Shockers down to the final drive.

Fine Five – Week 5

Power Rankings – Week 5

By Sean Dochney


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1. Shockers – (4-0- 1), Point Differential – 87. (Prev. 1)

The Shockers remain unbeaten and on top of the Power Rankings after a 51-22 win against the Rabid Squirrels. The Shockers dominated as the Guffslinger went off for 475 yards and 6 TDs. The Rabid Squirrels had no answer for their former teammate Anthony Carlo, as he hauled in 8 catches for 119 yards and a touchdown. Devon Snead had a big game as well as he had 5 catches for 109 yards and a touchdown. Both Carlo and Snead would add an interception to their stat line as well for the game. Ryan Pharo got in on the action as well with 3 catches for 68 yards and 2 TDs on the day. On the season, the Shockers have 5 receivers who rank in the top 15 in the wide receiver leaderboards. Those receivers are Devon Snead, Anthony Spanola, Ryan Pharo, Charlie Barbiere, and Anthony Carlo.

The Shockers started the season looking vulnerable with a tie against the Warewolves and then a nail biter against the Assassins. They have regained their form though and are on the brink of yet another unbeaten season. They do not have the easiest schedule for the remaining 3 weeks even though they will be the favorite to win in each game. In week 6 they will take on the Grizzlies, followed by French Toast Mafia in week 7, and the Warewolves in week 8.

2. Woodchucks – (4-1), Point Differential – 107. (Prev. 2)

The Woodchucks took care of business against the Rattlers and increased their point differential to the best in the league with a dominant 74-0 win against the Rattlers. It seemed like everyone had a big game for the Woodchucks on the offensive side of the ball as the Rattlers could not stop Zitani (21- 24, 481 yards, 9 TDs), Jeremy Wozniak (8 rec. 120 yards, 2 TDs), Charlie Mackie (6 rec. 133 yards, 1 TD), Terron Maples (2 rec. 90 yards, 2 TDs), or Ant D’Addario (5 rec. 72 yards, 1 TD). The Zit is leading the league in passing yards (1755), 2 nd in the league in touchdowns (27), and 3 rd in QB Rating (135.2). The Defense also played amazing as Kevin Kastner contributed 5 sacks, Steve Dalrymple had 2 sacks and an interception, and Devon McEllen had the only defensive touchdown for the Woodchucks with a pick 6.

The playoff picture is starting to shake out as the Woodchucks play the Rabid Squirrels in the week 6 Game of the Week at 10 am. The playoff implications are huge here, as the Woodchucks currently sit in 2nd in the standings and the Rabid Squirrels are in 4 th because of point differential.

3. Rabid Squirrels – (3-2), Point Differential – 25. (Prev. 3)

The Rabid Squirrels in week 4 did what everyone other team in the league has done so far, and that is lose to the Shockers, so they stay stagnant in the 3 spot in the power rankings. Sean Collins (356 yards, 3 TDs, but 3 interceptions thrown), Jihad Castro (3 rec. 98 yards, 1 TD), and Mike Lawrence (6 rec. 92 yards) were the bright spots for the Squirrels in the 51-22 loss. On the season, Sean Collins (1269 yards, 16 TDs, 6 picks), Corey Feldman (24 rec. 353 yards, 5 TDs), Mike Lawrence (15 rec. yards, 4 TDs), and Joe Andress (21 rec. 241 yards 5 TDs) are putting up good stats.

The Rabid Squirrels currently sit in the 4th and final playoff spot with 3 games left to go. They play a tough Woodchucks team in the Game of the Week for week 6. After that, they finish the season against the winless Rattlers and the winless, but competitive Assassins. I predict that getting to 5 wins should get teams into the playoffs, you may see a team like the Warewolves sneak in with 4 wins because of their tie. The Rabid Squirrels are in an excellent spot to make the playoffs, and I hope for my sake they do make the playoffs, because if they don’t, I will probably get my ass kicked by 10 grown men for the amount of shit I will be talking on here.

4. French Toast Mafia – (3-2), Point Differential – 31. (Prev. 5)

French Toast Mafia held on for the 32-31 win against the Assassins, who I believe to be much better than their winless record indicates. French Toast is not the only good team that the Assassins have played tough this year, see week 2 against the unbeaten Shockers. It felt like French Toast’s big play offense was barely on the field in the win on Saturday. QB Steve Knapp only had 17 pass attempts, although he did complete 12 of them for 289 yards, 5 TDs, and only 1 interception. Billy Belford (2 rec. 120 yards, 2 TDs), Kyle Spatz (3 rec. 67 yards, 1 TD), and Pat Schinder (2 rec. 62 yards, 1 TD) were Knapp’s top receivers on the day. Casey Sirotniak would add an interception and a sack on defense. Knapp is the 4 th ranked QB on the year, he has accumulated 1529 yards, 22 TDs, and 6 interceptions so far this year. Billy Belford has been his top receiver all year, as he sits in 2nd to Shane Capone in receptions (24), yards (510), and touchdowns (7). Kyle Spatz (19 rec. 218 yards, 4 TDs), Dave Pankow (17 rec. 254 yards, 3 TDs), and Pat Schinder (17 rec. 218 yards, 2 TDs) are all also putting up solid numbers for French Toast Mafia as well.

French Toast Mafia currently sits in 3 rd in the standings, but by far have the hardest schedule remaining for the last 3 weeks. They will be playing the Commissioner led Warewolves in week 6, this will be an uphill battle since the Commissioner has the refs (and scorekeeper) in his pocket. In week 7 they will be playing the top ranked Shockers, and they play the 2 nd ranked Woodchucks to end the season in week 8. It will be tough, but with a win or 2, and some help, French Toast can be in the playoffs.

5. Warewolves – (2-2- 1), Point Differential – 75. (Prev. Unranked)

Warewolves are keeping their playoff hopes alive as they have faced a tough uphill battle after their slow start to the season. They beat up on the Grizzlies, who still stand in their way to the playoffs, to a score of 64-20. The Commissioner and Shane Capone took home POTW honors for QB and WR after they both went off. Capone had 240 receiving yards and 4 TDs, Angelini threw for 475 yards and 8 TDs. Sean McAndrew decided to show up for the Warewolves, and his presence was instantly felt as he had 4 catches for 89 yards, 2 TDs, 2 interceptions on defense, and 1 defensive TD. The Acrobatic Mike Kalucki would add an interception on defense for the Wolves. On the season, Angelini is the top rated passer, and the only QB who has yet to throw an interception. Shane Capone is leading the league in every statistical category, and there would be a good chance he would still lead in every category if he decided to take a week off and sleep in. Sean McAndrew has missed a few games, but has been effective when he’s there, he has 8 catches for 204 yards and 3 TDs on the year in his 2 games played. Mike Kalucki has been a guy who has stepped up big time for the Warewolves, he now has 23 catches for 313 yards, and 4 TDs. Let’s not forget about the deadly red zone target the Commissioner has at his disposal; Rob Gudgeon has only 7 catches this year, but 4 have been for TDs. You know the Warewolves mean business when you see Gudge enter the game on offense.

The Warewolves still have some work to do if they want to make the playoffs. They currently sit in 6th place in the standings, and only the top 4 make the playoffs. The will need some help along the way, but they do control a little bit of their own destiny in a sense. They will be playing French Toast Mafia in week 6, who currently sit 3 rd in the standings. With a win against French Toast, and a Shockers win over the Grizzlies, the Warewolves will jump up to a playoff spot with 2 games left to play. After French Toast in week 6, the Warewolves will play the currently winless Assassins in week 7, and then the unbeaten Shockers in Week 8. The Warewolves have played the Shockers well in the past, even tying them in week 1 this season, but I know they do not want to go into that week 8 game in a win or go home situation.

Players of the Week – Week 5 Edition

Players of the Week – Week 5

By Sean Dochney

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Chris Angelini – Warewolves

The Warewolves entered week 5 in a must win situation against the Grizzlies if they wanted to keep their playoff hopes alive. They answered the call with a 64-20 blowout and 3 players that will end up in this segment of POTW. First we will talk about the Commissioner, Chris Angelini, who was dominant through the air as he went 24-30 for 475 yards, and 8 TDs, without throwing an interception. The Commissioner has yet to throw an interception at all this season, and it is no surprise that he is the top rated passer in the JSGFFL this season with a rating of 144.3. Chris has 1626 yards passing and 23 TDs this season, both are good for third in the league. The Warewolves will need another big performance by the Commissioner next week as they take on French Toast Mafia in the 11 am game.

Runner Up

Joe Giuffre – The Shockers

The John Zitani supporters may be upset with the Zit not making an appearance as a POTW this week, but the Guffslinger and the Commissioner were putting up big games against teams with playoff hopes, not the Rattlers. The Shockers took down the Rabid Squirrels 51-22 this past week, and Giuffre and the former Squirrel Anthony Carlo both put up gaudy numbers in route to the victory. The Guffslinger would go 29-34 for 475 yards, and 6 TDs. The Guffslinger now sits second in the JSGFFL in both passing yards (1740) and QB rating (137.7), he also leads the league in TDs (28). The Shockers will look to stay unbeaten next week as they take on the Grizzlies in the primetime 12 o’clock matchup.


Shane Capone – Warewolves

Shane absolutely Capowned the Grizzlies this past week as he put up the best single game of any WR in the JSGFFL this season. The Grizzlies had no one that could cover or slow Capone down all day. Shane would end up with a modest 6 catches, but he went off for 240 yards and 4 TDs. Capone leads the leader board in every statistical category by a wide margin in the JSGFFL this season. He has 30 receptions, 646 yards, and 9 TDs. The Warewolves have had attendance issues this season by a lot of their receivers, but Capone has always been a constant, and he has been the Warewolves MVP so far this season. The Warewolves will take on French Toast Mafia on Saturday in a game that will go a long way in shaping up the playoff picture as the season is winding down to the end here.

Runner Up

Jeremy Wozniak – Woodchucks

The Woz put up a big game in one of the biggest blow outs I have ever witnessed as the Woodchucks propelled themselves to having the best point differential in the league after the 74-0 win against the Rattlers. Jeremy had 6 catches for 120 yards and 2 TDs for the day. Jeremy is the top receiver for the Woodchucks’ well balanced passing attack. He now has 21 receptions for 286 yards and 5 TDs for the season. The Woodchucks will have a much tougher opponent for week 6 as they take on the Rabid Squirrels in the Game of the Week for the 10 am game.


Sean McAndrew – Warewolves

The Bird Man would end up with his first 2 interceptions of the season and returned one of them for a TD in the big win against the Grizzlies. It seemed like the Grizzlies lost all the momentum they had going for them after the first McAndrew interception, which was returned for a TD. The Warewolves took full advantage of this as they are still hanging onto playoff hopes. They may need some help along the way, but they can set themselves up pretty well with a win in week 6 against French Toast Mafia.

Runner Up

Entire Woodchucks Defense

It takes an entire team effort to shut out an offense in the offensive heavy JSGFFL, which the Woodchucks did against the Rattlers in week 5, and why I am giving defensive runner up to the entire defense. The spiritual leader and captain, Garrett “Loud Mouth” Lavaggi, had his defense fired-up, and that defense was able to walk away with 7 sacks, 5 interceptions, and 1 defensive touchdown. Kevin Kastner had 5 of the 7 sacks for the Woodchucks on the day. Steve Dalrymple had the other 2 sacks and he would even add an interception as well. Devon McEllen had the only defensive TD with a pick 6. The Woodchucks will need another big defensive showing next week as they take on the Rabid Squirrels in the Game of the Week.

Players of the Week – Week 4 Edition

Players of the Week – Week 4

By Sean Dochney

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John Zitani – Woodchucks

The Zit led the Woodchucks to a big victory against the Assassins this past Saturday. He spread the ball around to 7 different receivers as he went 24-33 for 376 yards, 5 TDs, and did not throw any interceptions. The Zit is putting together another fine season in the JSGFFL. The Zit has the Woodchucks sitting in 3 rd place in the standings, and 2 nd in the Power Rankings, as we sit halfway through the season and we see the playoff picture starting to shape out. He now sits in first for passing yards at 1274, he’s second in TDs with 18, and he is fourth in QB Rating with a rating of 125.0.

Runner Up

Joe Giuffre – Shockers

The Rattlers were no match for the Shockers on Saturday, as the Shockers blew the Rattlers out 50-6. Everyone got in on the stat sheet for the Shockers, as 4 players (Carlo, Snead, Barbiere, and Pharo) ended the game with over 80 yards receiving. The Guffslinger went 28-41 for 410 yards, 7 TDs and 1 interception. On the season, Giuffre has completed 66.4% of his passes for 1265 yards, 22 TDs, and only 2 interceptions. He now sits on top of the league in TDs, and 2 nd in the league in passing yards. The Shockers have a tough opponent this upcoming Saturday in the Rabid Squirrels. The Shockers will need the Guffslinger to have another big game if they want to walk away with a victory.


Maliq Black – The Grizzlies

Maliq was a machine on the field as the Grizzlies took care of business and won 40-25 against French Toast Mafia. Black was QB Watson’s top target of the day as the duo made big play after big play. French Toast Mafia did not have an answer or anyone that could cover Black as he hauled in 6 catches for 165 yards and 3 TDs. On the season, Black now sits in third place for WR points on the JSGFFL leaderboard. He has 19 catches for 326 yards, and a league leading 6 TDs. The Grizzlies will be playing the Warewolves on Saturday as the playoff picture is starting to take shape. This will be a big game, and The Grizzlies can make it almost near impossible for the Warewolves to make the playoffs with a win on Saturday.

Runner Up

Mike Kalucki – Warewolves

Kalucki had a huge game for the Warewolves, albeit in a losing effort, as the Warewolves lost a nail biter to the Rabid Squirrels, 29-26. Kalucki, one of the more underrated players in the JSGFFL, would go on to have 6 catches for 96 yards and 2 TDs. Kalucki has stepped up big time for the illiterate Wolves this season as the Wolves have been missing big players and playmakers every week so far this season. Mike now is second in all receiving categories for the Warewolves on the season with 21 catches for 281 yards and 4 TDs. The Warewolves enter next week in a must win scenario against the Grizzlies if they want to keep their playoff hopes alive. Kalucki is going to have his hands full not only on offense, but on the defensive side of the ball as he will look to also slow down the Grizzlies big 3 receivers in Black, Torres, and Forcella.


Loren Jackson – Rattlers

Jackson was the lone bright spot on the Rattlers as they were routed by the Shockers in week 4. Loren would score the only points of the game for the Rattlers with a goal line interception that he would return for a TD. lorenJackson may be the first Rattlers player to ever appear in the Players of the Week segment for the JSGFFL. They will need another big game from him as they go into next week as heavy underdogs against the Woodchucks.

Runner Up

Entire Rabid Squirrels Defense

The Rabid Squirrels finally beat a good team this past week as they took down the Warewolves, 29-26. Their defense was the catalyst for the win. The Commissioner didn’t have much time to get comfortable in the pocket because of the tenacious pass rush of the Rabid Squirrels. The Squirrels ended up for 4 sacks on the day, 2 coming from Matt Delgado. The Rabid Squirrels defense has a real tough test in week 5 as they roll in as underdogs against the Shockers.

Fine Five – Week 4

Week 4 Power Rankings

By Sean Dochney

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1. Shockers – (3-0- 1), Point Differential – 58. (Prev. 1)

The Shockers won a game they were supposed to win in blow out fashion against the Rattlers as they stay on top of the Fine Five this week. Everyone got involved as the Guffslinger would throw for 410 passing yards as he took home the QB Runner Up in POTW. He received big games at the WR position from Anthony Carlo (5 rec. 103 yards, 1 TD), Charlie Barbiere (6 rec. 96 yards, 1 TD), Devon Snead (5 rec. 80 yards, 2 TDs), and Ryan Pharo (6 rec. 88 yards, 1 TD). Joe Ganzy would chip in 2 sacks on defense for the Shockers. The Shockers are starting to put up gaudy numbers individually on the season as Anthony Carlo (11 rec. 167 yards, 2 TDs) is starting to get involved in the offense over the past 2 weeks. Their top 3 receivers so far are Charlie Barbiere (21 rec. 297, 3 TDs), Devon Snead (18 rec. 292, 5 TDs), and Anthony Spanola (19 rec. 211 yards, 6 TDs).

The Shockers still look like the top team in the league, but they will be going into a trap game this week as they play the Rabid Squirrels in the Game of the Week. The Squirrels have been playing with a chip on their shoulder and the Shockers need to be at the top of their game.

2. Woodchucks – (3-1), Point Differential – 33. (Prev. 2)

The Woodchucks remain in the second spot of the Power Rankings for the third consecutive week. They beat up on the Assassins 38-14 as the Zit took home the POTW honors at QB. Terron Maples (6 rec. 86 yards), Charlie Mackie (3 rec. 71 yards, 2 TDs), and Chris D’Addario (3 rec. 73 yards, 1 TD) were the Zit’s top receivers on the day as all 3 played a crucial part in the team’s success. The Zit has been great at spreading the ball around to everyone on offense, evidenced by their top 6 receivers all have between 115-199 yards receiving.

They will enter week 5 as favorites against the Rattlers, as they look to continue their winning ways. The Zit will look to add a lot of yardage onto his already league leading 1274 passing yards.

3. Rabid Squirrels – (3-1), Point Differential – 54. (Prev. 5)

The Rabid Squirrels finally beat a team that made the Spring playoffs in week 4 as they held on to beat the Warewolves 29-26. There is no one more proud of them then me for the big win, which I do admit; I had my doubts about the team’s start because of their weak schedule and blatant disregard for sportsmanship. The defense and especially the pass rush were the catalyst for the victory, as they would end the day with 4 sacks. Sean Collins was efficient at QB as he went 20-25 for 258 yards, 4 TDs, and 0 interceptions. Joe Andress was his top receivers and caught 7 passes for 78 yards and 2 TDs.

Controversy came out of this game as the Squirrels attempted an extra point play in the final 2 minutes. They made a smart, but ethically and morally questionable play call in which they ran down to the other end zone to waste as much clock as they possibly could. It worked, as the Wolves ran out of time in their final drive and the Squirrels walked away with a victory.

On the season, Sean Collins has completed 69.4% of his passes for 916 yards, 12 TDs, and 3 interceptions. His top receivers have been Corey Feldman (21 rec. 308, 5 TDs), Joe Andress (17 rec. 201 yards, 4 TDs), and Mike Lawrence (9 rec. 211 yards, 4 TDs). They walk into week 5 as the underdogs to the Shockers, and could shake up the league standings and the power rankings with a win. There will be no love lost in this game after the Evil Empire Shockers poached the Squirrels top WR from the Spring season, Anthony Carlo. The schedule will not get easier for the Rabid Squirrels in week 6, as play the Woodchucks.

4. The Grizzlies – (3-1), Point Differential – 17. (Prev. Unranked)

The Grizzlies went from unranked after Week 3, to the 4 th spot in the rankings after a 40-25 win against French Toast Mafia, who was previously 3 rd in the power rankings last week. QB Kyle Watson went off this week as he went 15-28 for 333 yards and 5 TDs. Maliq Black played out of his mind as he hauled in 6 catches for 165 and 3 TDs. Peter Torres would chip in the other 2 TD receptions as he had 4 catches for 65 yards and 2 TDs. The Grizzlies have had an explosive offense that is led by Watson and his 3 receivers that all rank in the top 10 of the JSGFFL leaderboards. Defenses have not been able to slow down the production of Maliq Black (19 rec. 326 yards, 6 TDs), Peter Torres (18 rec. 311 yards, 5 TDs), and Bobby Forcella (16 rec. 274 yards, 3 TDs).

The Playoff picture is starting to shake out, and the next 3 weeks will be critical for the Grizzlies if they hope to make the playoffs. They will play the Warewolves in week 5, Shockers in week 6, and the Woodchucks in week 7. This is by far the toughest schedule over the next 3 weeks of the season. If they can come away with 2 wins, the Grizzlies should be a lock for the playoffs.

5. French Toast Mafia – (2-2), Point Differential – 30. (Prev. 3)

French Toast Mafia took a defeat to the Grizzlies this past week, which saw them slip a few spots in the Fine Five Power Rankings. They received solid games out of Steve Knapp (304 yards passing, 4 TDs, 1 interception), Billy Belford (3 rec. 101 yards, 1 TD), Dave Pankow (4 rec. 66 yards, 1 TD), and Pat Schinder (4 rec. 62 yards) but still could not pull away with a victory. On the year, French Toast Mafia is receiving solid contributions on offense from Knapp (1240 passing yards, 17 TDs, 5 interceptions), Belford (22 rec. 390 yards, 5 TDs), Pankow (14 rec. 233 yards, 3 TDs), Luke Fernandez (11 rec. 171 yards, 2 TDs), and Kyle Spatz (16 rec. 151 yards, 3 TDs).

Their defense has been known for making big plays as well with 14 sacks, 8 interceptions, and 3 defensive TDs as a unit. Kramer and Sirotniak sit on top of the sack leaderboards, with 7 sacks for Kramer, and 4 for Sirotniak. They will be playing the winless Assassins in week 5, but will end the season with a real tough schedule when they have to play the Warewolves, the Shockers, and the Woodchucks over the last 3 weeks of the season.