Players of the Week – Week 5 Edition

Players of the Week – Week 5

By Sean Dochney

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Chris Angelini – Warewolves

The Warewolves entered week 5 in a must win situation against the Grizzlies if they wanted to keep their playoff hopes alive. They answered the call with a 64-20 blowout and 3 players that will end up in this segment of POTW. First we will talk about the Commissioner, Chris Angelini, who was dominant through the air as he went 24-30 for 475 yards, and 8 TDs, without throwing an interception. The Commissioner has yet to throw an interception at all this season, and it is no surprise that he is the top rated passer in the JSGFFL this season with a rating of 144.3. Chris has 1626 yards passing and 23 TDs this season, both are good for third in the league. The Warewolves will need another big performance by the Commissioner next week as they take on French Toast Mafia in the 11 am game.

Runner Up

Joe Giuffre – The Shockers

The John Zitani supporters may be upset with the Zit not making an appearance as a POTW this week, but the Guffslinger and the Commissioner were putting up big games against teams with playoff hopes, not the Rattlers. The Shockers took down the Rabid Squirrels 51-22 this past week, and Giuffre and the former Squirrel Anthony Carlo both put up gaudy numbers in route to the victory. The Guffslinger would go 29-34 for 475 yards, and 6 TDs. The Guffslinger now sits second in the JSGFFL in both passing yards (1740) and QB rating (137.7), he also leads the league in TDs (28). The Shockers will look to stay unbeaten next week as they take on the Grizzlies in the primetime 12 o’clock matchup.


Shane Capone – Warewolves

Shane absolutely Capowned the Grizzlies this past week as he put up the best single game of any WR in the JSGFFL this season. The Grizzlies had no one that could cover or slow Capone down all day. Shane would end up with a modest 6 catches, but he went off for 240 yards and 4 TDs. Capone leads the leader board in every statistical category by a wide margin in the JSGFFL this season. He has 30 receptions, 646 yards, and 9 TDs. The Warewolves have had attendance issues this season by a lot of their receivers, but Capone has always been a constant, and he has been the Warewolves MVP so far this season. The Warewolves will take on French Toast Mafia on Saturday in a game that will go a long way in shaping up the playoff picture as the season is winding down to the end here.

Runner Up

Jeremy Wozniak – Woodchucks

The Woz put up a big game in one of the biggest blow outs I have ever witnessed as the Woodchucks propelled themselves to having the best point differential in the league after the 74-0 win against the Rattlers. Jeremy had 6 catches for 120 yards and 2 TDs for the day. Jeremy is the top receiver for the Woodchucks’ well balanced passing attack. He now has 21 receptions for 286 yards and 5 TDs for the season. The Woodchucks will have a much tougher opponent for week 6 as they take on the Rabid Squirrels in the Game of the Week for the 10 am game.


Sean McAndrew – Warewolves

The Bird Man would end up with his first 2 interceptions of the season and returned one of them for a TD in the big win against the Grizzlies. It seemed like the Grizzlies lost all the momentum they had going for them after the first McAndrew interception, which was returned for a TD. The Warewolves took full advantage of this as they are still hanging onto playoff hopes. They may need some help along the way, but they can set themselves up pretty well with a win in week 6 against French Toast Mafia.

Runner Up

Entire Woodchucks Defense

It takes an entire team effort to shut out an offense in the offensive heavy JSGFFL, which the Woodchucks did against the Rattlers in week 5, and why I am giving defensive runner up to the entire defense. The spiritual leader and captain, Garrett “Loud Mouth” Lavaggi, had his defense fired-up, and that defense was able to walk away with 7 sacks, 5 interceptions, and 1 defensive touchdown. Kevin Kastner had 5 of the 7 sacks for the Woodchucks on the day. Steve Dalrymple had the other 2 sacks and he would even add an interception as well. Devon McEllen had the only defensive TD with a pick 6. The Woodchucks will need another big defensive showing next week as they take on the Rabid Squirrels in the Game of the Week.


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