Power Rankings – Sexy Six – Week 1

Sexy Six – Week 1

1. Shockers (1-0), PD – 11

The Shockers are sitting on top the power rankings after knocking off the defending champion Woodchucks 46-35 in Week 1. Joe Giuffre had a big game and took home the QB of the week honors as he threw for 459 yards and 7 TDs. The Shockers had huge games by the WR quartet of Charlie Barbiere (7 rec. 149 yards, 2 TDs), Anthony Carlo (4 rec. 83 yards, 1 TD), Devon Snead (5 rec. 86 yards), and Anthony Spanola (6 rec. 84 yards, 3 TDs). Steve Soletto would record 2 sacks on defense, while Devon Snead and Bryan Soletto each had an interception. The Shockers have been the team to beat in the JSGFFL for the past few seasons and currently still hold that title as they have knocked off the reigning champs in a rematch of the championship game. The Shockers have the 9 am game in Week 2 against the Savages (0-1), who are a new addition to the league this fall.

2. Rabid Squirrels (1-0), PD – 20

The Rabid Squirrels looked really good in Week 1, and were seriously considered for the number 1 spot in the rankings this week. The Squirrels downright dominated the Savages as they won 42-22. Sean Collins had a huge game where he completed 25 of 28 passes for 383 yards, 6 TDs, and 1 interception. The Squirrels added a few new players and they had an immediate impact. Andre Snead had 6 catches for 131 yards and 2 TDs. Fellow newcomer Shelton Burnett had 2 TD catches himself, and looks like he will quickly become Collins’ favorite red zone target. Mike Lawrence also had a huge game for the Squirrels with 4 catches for 141 yards and a TD. The Rabid Squirrels have a tough matchup in Week 2 in the 10 o’clock game against the Woodchucks (0-1) in the Game of the Week.

3. Woodchucks (0-1), PD – (-11)

The defending champions came up a little short in Week 1 against the Shockers in the championship rematch. The Zit threw for 422 yards, 5 TDs and 2 interceptions. Billy Belford returned to the Woodchucks and was brilliant as he caught 8 passes for 172 yards and 3 TDs. 2 of the D’Addario’s had nice games as well. Anthony had 4 catches for 74 yards, and Chris had 3 receptions for 68 yards. The Woodchucks may have the toughest schedule to start the season as they try to defend their championship. They take on the Rabid Squirrels (1-0) in Week 2 in the Game of the Week, and follow that tough matchup up with another one in the Warewolves (2-0) in Week 3.

4. Warewolves (2-0), PD – 46

The Warewolves had a double header and won both their games. The first game was 50-14 against the Kekambas, and the second game was 38-28 win against the Gladiators. The Commissioner threw for 594 yards, 11 TDs and 2 interceptions combined for the day. Shane Capone went off in both the games and combined to have 12 catches for 266 yards and 6 TDs. Mike Kalucki was solid on the day as he had 9 catches for 101 yards, and Rob Gudgeon chipped in 2 TDs for the Wolves. On defense, Capone and Angelini each had a pick 6, while Kalucki had a sack and an interception himself. The Wolves take on the Savages (0-1) in Week 2 at 11:00.

5. Clam Slammers (1-0), PD – 29

The Clam Slammers took the summer season off and came back with a splash as they blew out Strangers -with Candy 47-18. The Clam Slammers defense really shined as they would have 5 interceptions and 3 defensive TDs. Frank Ritacco and Kenny Colicchio each had 2 picks and 1 TD, and Sean Cahalane had the other pick 6 for the Slammers. Brian Lee threw 4 TDs for the Clam Slammers, his top target was Kenny Colicchio who had 3 catches for 71 yards and a TD. Clam Slammers will be playing in the 1:00 game against the Assassins (0-1) in Week 2.

6. Grizzlies (1-0), PD – 20

The Grizzlies came out strong in Week 1 as they routed the Kekambas 26-6. The Grizzlies appear to have another new QB this season as Alfred Kobe threw for 213 yards and 4 TDs. Bobby Forcella was Kobe’s top target and caught 8 passes for 69 yards and 2 TDs. The Grizzlies have found themselves just on the outside of the playoffs the past couple seasons and look like they have a good shot to finally break through to a playoff appearance this fall. The Grizzlies will be playing the Gladiators (0-1) in Week 2 at 2.


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