Players of the Week – Week 6 Edition

Players of the Week – Week 6

By Sean Dochney


Chris Angelini – Warewolves

The Commissioner came back from his week off and immediately squashed any talks of a quarterback controversy for the Wolves. Ryan Dooley was efficient stepping in for Ang last week, but he can’t sling the rock quite like the Commish. Chris only attempted 15 passes in the 34-12 win against the Assassins, and he completed 12 of them. His only incompletions occurred during extra points. It was big play after big play for the Commissioner led Warewolves. Chris threw for 351 yards on those 15 attempts, which is good for 23.4 yards per attempt. He threw 5 TDs and did not throw any interceptions. His top receiver as always was Shane Capone, who caught 5 passes for 171 yards and 2 TDs. Shane gets a mention here, because for the second straight week he will be snubbed as a WR POTW, even though he is more than deserving of the honor (sorry Shane, getting a little tired of writing about how you’re the best WR in the league, everybody knows by now).

On the season, Angelini has a QB rating of 125.91, which is good for second in the league behind the legendary John Zitani. Angelini has thrown for 1816 yards, 27 TDs, and only 5 interceptions. All the playoff spots are clinched, and the Wolves hold onto 1 of those spots. There is still plenty to play for as the seeds have yet to be determined, and there is still a possibility for the Warewolves, Gladiators, and Clam Slammers to capture the 2 nd seed and 1 st round bye away from the Woodchucks. The Warewolves will be playing the Grizzlies (2-5) in Week 7

QB Runner Up

John Zitani – Woodchucks

The Zit was at it again this week as the Woodchucks slaughtered the Savages to a score of 48-13. Zitani completed 26 of 31 passes for 305 yards and 6 TDs. He edges out Joe Giuffre, who threw for over 400 yards, as runner up this week because the Zit was highly efficient, and unlike the Guffslinger, the Zit did not throw any interceptions. The Zit is the highest rated QB in the league with his 128.34. He also leads the league in passing yards with 2078, TDs with 35, and completion % at 70.7%. He has done all this while throwing only 6 interceptions this season. I would guess that his passing yards and TDs may not hold up as league lead with Joe Giuffre right on his heels in both categories, and the Shockers have 2 games to play in Week 8, while the Woodchucks are only playing 1. The Woodchucks will head into Week 7 as the 2 seed for the playoffs, and in line for a 1 st round bye. The Assassins (2-5) will look to play spoiler for the Woodchucks in their Week 7 matchup.


Jihad Castro – Rabid Squirrels

The Rabid Squirrels won a thriller against the Clam Slammers in Week 6, 21-18. The Clam Slammers scored a late TD to take the lead in the final minutes of the game, and it looked like the Squirrels were about to dip below .500 on the season. Jihad Castro decided to play hero as he caught a screen pass and made every Clam Slammer defender miss on his way to a 43-yard TD to win the game. Total on the day, Castro had 6 catches for 119 yards, and 1 very crucial TD that cemented the Squirrels as a playoff team this season. Jihad now has 22 catches for 264 yards and 1 TD on the season. On the defensive side of the ball, Jihad has 3 interceptions and 2 TDs. The Squirrels have clinched a playoff spot and currently sit as the 6 th seed. They take on Strangers with Candy (2-5) in the final week of the season as they jockey for playoff positioning.

WR Runner Up

Nick and Tim Vecci – Kekembas

The Kekembas team was full of no shows in Week 6 as they were forced to forfeit against the Gladiators, giving the Gladiators a 28-0 victory. Tim and Nick Vecci showed a lot of heart as they were the only Kekembas players to show up and they put together a quick team of players from around the league. The twins combined to have 8 catches for 151 yards and 1 TD in the game that was essentially played out of pride for the Vecci brothers. Nick had 4 catches for 92 yards and Tim had 4 catches for 59 yards. The Kekembas may not have a win this season, but I give a lot of credit to Nick and Tim for keep showing up and playing hard every week, even though it appears the rest of their team have quit on the season. On the season, Nick has 14 catches for 166 yards, and Tim has 26 catches for 377 yards and 5 TDs. The Kekembas are scheduled to play the final game of the season against the Savages (1-6). It will be interesting to see how many Kekembas show up for this game.


Bill Budd – Rabid Squirrels

The Rabid Squirrels had a crucial victory against the Clam Slammers that secured the Squirrels’ spot in the playoffs. Castro may have been the hero late in the game, but the defense came up big all day for the Squirrels to keep them in the game. Bill Budd stood out in the game as he recorded a sack and 2 interceptions, including what proved to be a big red zone interception as the Clam Slammers were driving early in the game. Bill now has 3 sacks and 4 interceptions on the season, which he is the team leader in both of those categories. The Squirrels will take on the Strangers with Candy (2-5) in the final week of the season as they try to secure better playoff positioning.

Def Runner Up

Dave Pankow – Warewolves

Last time I saw Dave Pankow I wanted to vomit after seeing his elbow get dislocated over the summer season. He was back in action for the first since the injury, this time wearing a Warewolves jersey. He made his presence felt immediately in his first game back as he recorded 2.5 sacks for the Wolves, who entered the game with only 3 team sacks. Pankow even sits in 6 th on the sack list with his 2.5 after just 1 game. This is a very big pick up for the Warewolves heading into the playoffs as they were lacking big time in creating pressure. The Warewolves sit in 5 th place right now, only separated by 6 points in point differential to 3 rd place. They will be playing the Grizzlies in Week 7.


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