Power Rankings – Week 6 – Sexy 6

Sexy 6 – Week 6

By Sean Dochney

1. Shockers (6-0), Point Differential – 164, (Prev. 1)

The Shockers remained undefeated when they bitch slapped Strangers with Candy 52-18 in Week 6. This was a big stat game for a lot of Shockers. Joe Giuffre threw for 414 yards and 6 TDs. Devon Snead caught 4 passes for 132 yards and a TD. Snead would also have an interception on the defense. Steve Soletto added to his league lead in sacks with 2.5 on the day. Anthony Carlo would return an interception for a TD and also have a 60-yard TD catch. On the season, the Shockers have some players putting up big numbers. Joe Giuffre is near the top of most QB categories. He has thrown for 2071 yards with 35 TDs and 8 interceptions. The Shockers have the best receiving corps in the league that boasts the likes of Charlie Barbiere (26 rec. 482 yards, 9 TDs), Devon Snead (28 rec. 535 yards, 5 TDs), Anthony Carlo (15 rec. 305 yards, 4 TDs), and Mike O’Neil (22 rec. 267, 8 TDs). On defense, Steve Soletto leads the league in sacks (15.5), followed by teammate Erickson (7.5). Shannon Hill and Devon Snead have each chipped in 3 interceptions, Shannon has returned 2 of those for TDs.

The Shockers are the most talented team in the league, evidenced by only having 1 loss and 1 tie in the JSGFFL over the past 2 years. Their only loss came at the hands of the Woodchucks in the Summer 2016 Championship game. They will be looking for redemption this season in the playoffs. They have already clinched the first round bye for the playoffs, and will most likely be the top seed barring a meltdown in Week 7. They will be playing a double header in Week 7 including the Game of the Week against the Gladiators (5-2) and then the 2 nd game against the Clam Slammers (5-2).

2. Woodchucks (6-1), Point Differential – 102, (Prev. 2)

The defending champion Woodchucks won again in Week 6 as they scalped the Savages to a score of 48-13. The Zit had another efficient game in the win and earned himself QB runner up in the POTW. The D’Addario’s all had big games against the Savages, Anthony and Chris on offense, and Niko on defense. Anthony hauled in 6 catches for 92 yards and 2 TDs, while Chris had 7 catches for 79 yards and 3 TDs. Steve Dalrymple also stood out on offense with his 6 catches for 82 yards. Niko D’Addario had 2 interceptions on defense, his first 2 of the season. Garrett Lavaggi also chipped in big with an interception returned for a TD. Lavaggi is now second in the league with 4 interceptions.

The Woodchucks look like they will have the 2 nd seed and a first round bye for the playoffs. They can officially clinch this with a win in Week 7 against the Assassins. If they lose, they still hold a hefty point differential on the Clam Slammers, Gladiators, and the Warewolves that will be tough for those teams to overcome and steal the 2 nd seed.

3. Warewolves (5-2), Point Differential – 63, (Prev. 3)

The Commissioner is back and there is most definitely not a QB controversy. Dooley may have been the QB to lead LTHS to a state ring, but Ang is the guy that gives the Wolves the best chance to hoist the prestigious JSGFFL Championship Trophy. The JSGFFL trophy is pretty much equivalent to a combination of the Lombardi Trophy and the Stanley Cup, but 10 times better. The Warewolves crushed the Assassins in Week 6, 34-12. Ang and Capone had their usual big games, but Tim Steager, Sean McAndrew, and Dave Pankow had themselves a great game. Steager had 2 catches for 71 yards and a TD. Sean McAndrew had 2 interceptions, including a circus catch, and also chipped in 3 catches for 49 yards and a TD. Dave Pankow returned to action for the first time since dislocating his elbow and recorded 2.5 sacks, which places him 6 th in the league after just 1 game.

As a team, The Warewolves average the most yards per play in the league at 11.16. This may take a bit of a hit over the final week and the playoffs though. Shane Capone is battling an injury that leaves him doubtful for the remainder of the season. Shane has been the best receiver in the league over the last few seasons. This season, he is head and shoulders above any other receiver with his 40 catches for 869 yards and 15 TDs. His presence will be missed if he can’t finish out the season for the Warewolves. The Warewolves are currently the 5 th seed, but can potentially move up as high as 2 nd if Week 7 breaks right for them. They take on the Grizzlies (2-5) in Week 7.

4. Gladiators (5-2), Point Differential – 69, (Prev. 4)

The Gladiators stayed hot in Week 6 as they won their 5 th straight game, this time it was by forfeit since the Kekembas could not field a team. The game was still played with replacement players for the Kekembas, with Chris Angelini doing his best Shane Falco impression taking over at QB for the Kekembas. Terron Maples (285 passing yards, 5 TDs) and Kenny Bass (4 rec. 77 yards) put up some big numbers in this game.

Terron has been a pleasant surprise at QB for the Gladiators this season as he has 3 rd highest QB rating in the league at 123.67. He has thrown for 1871 yards, 30 TDs, and 6 interceptions. We knew he was a good receiver in this league but he has proved to be a jack of all trades. Maples even leads the Gladiators in sacks with 2, and interceptions with 3. He is supported by a nice trio of receivers who are having good years in Kyle D’Autorio (20 rec. 331 yards, 8 TDs) Kenny Bass (27 rec. 351 yards, 4 TDs), and Paul Wickwire (29 rec. 296 yards, 3 TDs).

The Gladiators have clinched a playoff spot and are currently the 4 th seed. They have a tough challenge as they will be taking on the Shockers in the Game of the Week for Week 7. This will be a tough test right before the playoffs for the Gladiators. They have beaten some solid teams so far but have lost to perennial JSGFFL contenders the Woodchucks and Warewolves in the first 2 weeks of the season. We will see how much this team has evolved over the last 2 months and see if they can hang with the Shockers.

5. Rabid Squirrels (4-3), Point Differential – 24, (Prev. 5)

The Rabid Squirrels came away with a thrilling 21-18 victory over the Clam Slammers due to last minute heroics by Jihad Castro. Castro had 6 catches for 119 yards and a TD. His 43-yard TD catch off a screen was one for the highlight reel as he made every defender on the Clam Slammers miss as he walked into the end zone to seal a victory. Sean Collins played well at QB with his 285 passing yards, 3 TDs, and 1 interception thrown.

The Squirrels boast the highest interception differential in the league at 7. This is a stat that tributes the playmakers the Squirrels have on defense, as well as Collins’ efficiency at QB. Collins is the 4 th rated QB in the JSGFFL with his 121.75 QB rating. He has thrown for 1946 yards, 25 TDs, and 6 interceptions. Mike Lawrence (16 rec. 474 yards, 7 TDs), Andre Snead (25 rec. 389 yards, 6 TDs), and Joe Andress (28 rec. 287 yards, 4 TDs) are all putting up nice seasons for the Squirrels at WR. Bill Budd and Phil Cupo are both tied for 2 nd in the JSGFFL with 4 interceptions each. Jihad Castro has 3 interceptions on the season, including 2 returned for a TD. The Squirrels clinched a playoff spot with the victory last week and will look to secure better seeding as they sit in the 6 th and final spot currently. The Rabid Squirrels will be playing Strangers with Candy (2-5) in Week 7.

6. Clam Slammers (5-2), Point Differential – 69, (Prev. 6)

The Clam Slammers played 2 games in Week 6, they beat the Grizzlies and then lost to the Rabid Squirrels. The game against the Squirrels was only the second game the Slammers have played against a team with .500 record, and now they have lost both of those games. One thing you cannot take away from the Slammers though is that they win the games they are supposed to. It is not their fault they have had the easiest schedule in the league.

Brandon Frustieri was frustrating defenses as he was the best receiver for the Clams Slammers on the day. He combined to have 9 catches for 105 yards and 3 TDs for the day. He now has 23 catches for 275 yards and 4 TDs for the season. Kenny Colicchio has been the best player on both sides of the ball for the Clam Slammers all season. Kenny has 19 catches for 427 yards and 7 TDs. Kenny is also tied for second in interceptions with 4, which is 2 behind his teammate and league leader Frank Ritacco.

As a team, the Clam Slammers rank 9 out of 11 in average yards per game with only 222.57. They are led by their interception differential, which is tied for second with 6. They will be playing their 3 rd game of the season against a team over .500 in Week 7. That team is the undefeated Shockers. It will be a tough game for the Clam Slammers, but it will be a good test to see if they can remain competitive with the Shockers. The Clam Slammers currently sit as the 3 rd seed for the playoffs but this game could potentially drop them all the way down to the 6 th seed if the Shockers run away with it.


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