All-Gridiron Team

By Sean Dochney


1st Team QB

John Zitani – Woodchucks

The Zit had a phenomenal season for the Woodchucks on their way to the 1st seed for the Fall season.  The Woodchucks went 7-1 on the season with the most points scored in the league with 342, good for 42.75 points per game.  He led the league in QB Rating (131.96), completion percentage (71.6), and was tied for league best in passing TDs (44).  The Zit was second in the league in passing yards (2,489), and was third in the league in yards per attempt (9.7).  He did all this while throwing a league low 6 interceptions.  The Zit spread the ball around very well as there was 5 Woodchucks players with over 20 catches on the season (Billy Belford, Chris D’Addario, Anthony D’Addario, Steve Dalrymple, and Charlie Mackie.)


2nd Team QB

Joe Giuffre – Shockers

The Guffslinger was again one of the top QBs in the JSGFFL as he led the Shockers to a 7-1 record and a 3rd Shocker Championship.  Giuffre was prone to turning the ball over with 11 interceptions thrown leading to Joe being ranked 5th in QB rating at 120.12, but he was at the top of the league in all other passing categories.  Giuffre was tied with the Zit for the league lead in passing TDs with 44.  Giuffre was also the league leader in passing yards with 2,705, and he was second in the league with his 10.1 yards per attempt.  Giuffre also spread the ball around well to a talented receiving corps as he had 3 receivers haul in over 30 catches for the season (Charlie Barbiere, Devon Snead, and Mike O’Neil).


1st Team WR

Shane Capone – Warewolves

Capone was downright dominant for the Warewolves this season.  He has been the top receiver in the JSGFFL for the past 2 seasons now.  This season was no different as no team had an answer for him all season.  Shane had 3 games this season with over 170 yards receiving.  He probably would’ve been the only WR with over 1,000 receiving yards this season if he hadn’t been injured at the end of the year which forced him to miss games.  Even with his injury, Capone was head and shoulders above any other receiver in the league as he was the league leader in the 3 major receiving categories; receptions, yards, and TDs.  On the season, Shane would haul in 40 catches for 869 yards and 15 TDs.  


2nd Team WR

Charlie Barbiere – Shockers

Barbiere had a great season for the Shockers, who have the most talented receiving corps in the league.  Their receiving corps is so good, Barbiere finished second in both receptions and yards for the Shockers.  Devon Snead would lead the team in both those categories with his 40 catches for 715 yards.  Barbiere would end up with almost twice the number of TDs then Snead, though, and that is why Charlie ends up as the 2nd team WR.  Charlie frustrated defenses all season on his way to another Shockers championship season.  Barbiere would finish the season with 38 catches for 695 yards and 13 TDs.  He was third in the league in catches and yards, and second in the league in TDs.  


1st Team Def

Steve Soletto – Shockers

Soletto is the best pass rusher in the JSGFFL and sits on top of the all-time sacks list with his 85.5 career sacks.  This is about 3 times the number of sacks the second-place guy has at 29.  No other team in the league had as many sacks than Soletto had by himself.  He was constantly applying pressure and frustrating QBs on his way to 18.5 sacks in 8 games this season.  


2nd Team Def

Frank Ritacco – Clam Slammers

Frank Ritacco and the Clam Slammers started the season real hot, as Ritacco exploded with big pick after big pick through the first few weeks of the season.  Ritacco and the team did cool off a bit, but they still had a great season.  Ritacco would end up leading the league in interceptions with 7 as the Clam Slammers finished in 4th place and would go on to lose to the Woodchucks in the Semi-finals.


Fall 2016 Championship Preview – Woodchucks vs. Shockers

Championship Showdown

By Sean Dochney

1st seed Woodchucks (7-1) vs. 2nd Seed Shockers (7-1)

For the second season in a row the Woodchucks and Shockers will square off in the JSGFFL Championship.  During the summer season, the Woodchucks walked away the champs as they handed the Shockers their first loss in 2 years.  This season, thanks to a Week 7 blowout, the Woodchucks are coming in as the number 1 and defending champs.

The Woodchucks made it into the championship game by beating the Clam Slammer 28-13 in the semi-finals.  The Zit brought his “A” game as he threw for 276 yards and 4 TDs.  The D’Addario cousins were his top targets as Chris had 6 catches for 86 yards and Anthony had 7 catches for 63 yards and a TD.  Billy Belford also scored 2 TDs on his way to 57 yards receiving.  

During the regular season, The Woodchucks had the second ranked offense averaging 321.38 yards per game, and were tied for the league lead in interception difference at +8.  This was largely thanks to the brilliant season the Zit had at quarterback.  The Zit had the highest QB rating in the league and was tied for the most TDs with a 131.96 rating and 44 TDs.  Billy Belford and Chris D’Addario was the Zit’s 2 favorite receivers during the regular season.  Billy had 37 catches for 558 yards and 11 TDs, which ranked him 3rd on the JSGFFL WR Leaderboard.  Chris ranked 6th on the leaderboard with his 33 catches for 538 yards and 8 TDs.  

The Shockers beat the Warewolves 34-14 on their way to the championship game.  The Guffslinger torched the Warewolves D for 303 yards 5 TDs and no interceptions.  Charlie Barbiere was the leading receiver with 6 catches for 88 yards and 2 TDs.  Devon Snead and Ryan Pharo also had big games with Pharo having 6 catches for 73 yards and Snead 4 catches for 71 yards and 2 TDs.  

The Shockers had the topped ranked offense during the regular season with 338.13 yards per game.  The Guffslinger did not protect the ball as well as the Zit did, and the Shockers ranked in the middle of the league in interception differential at +3.  The Shockers do possess a dynamic pass rush that saw them have a league lead 28 sacks as a team.  Steve Soletto’s 18.5 sacks were more than entire teams had over the season.  Danny Erickson was second in the league in sacks behind Soletto with 8.5 during the regular season.  

This is going to be a tough fought game for both teams as they were both clearly the 2 best teams all season.  The Shockers won the last meeting 46-35 in Week 1, but the Woodchucks won their last championship battle.  Both teams have the most dynamic offenses in the league and we should have a great game on Saturday.

24 Hour Countdown – Playoff Preview – Fall 2016

Playoff Preview

By Sean Dochney

9 AM – Clam Slammers 6-2 (4th Seed) vs. Gladiators 5-3 (5th seed)

The Clam Slammers take on the Gladiators in the 2nd game of the first round on Saturday.  The two teams previously played each other in Week 4, and the Gladiators won that contest 28-18.  Both teams have come a long way since that first meeting, and both played the Shockers in the final week of the season.  The Gladiators lost the tough battle to the Shockers 24-28, which was the Gladiators first loss since Week 2.  The Clam Slammers wound up beating the Shockers in their second game of the Shockers double header, 36-32, giving the Shockers their first regular season loss in years.

The Clam Slammers have the lowest ranked offense out of all the playoff teams.  They rank 7th in the league in average yards per game at 239.5.  This is almost a 40-yard difference between the Gladiators, who rank 6th at 278.5.  The Clam Slammers do have a great defense that have carried them this far, and helped the Clam Slammers to be tied for the league lead in interception differential at +8.  Frank Ritacco of the Clam Slammers led the league in interceptions with 7.  Kenny Colicchio also pitched in another 4 interception for the defense that would have 15 as a team during the season.

On offense, Kenny Colicchio was their biggest play maker on the Clam Slammers with his 23 catches for 491 yards and 8 TDs.  Brandon Frustieri also had a nice year moving the chains for the Slammers with his 26 catches for 347 yards and 6 TDs.  QB Brian Lee did not put up sexy numbers, but he was efficient and protected the ball on the way to throwing for 1698 yards, 26 TDs, and 7 interceptions.

The Gladiators offense is much more dynamic than the opposing Clam Slammers.  Terron Maples had a phenomenal year in his first at QB.  He had the 4th highest QB rating in the league at 122.22 on his way to throwing for 2157 yards, 33 TDs, and 7 interceptions.  He also picked up 226 yards and 4 TDs on pitches back to him after throwing the ball.  Terron also led the Gladiators in both sacks and interceptions with his 2 sacks and 3 interceptions.  Terron has a couple of playmakers at his disposal at WR.  Kenny Bass (28 rec. 358 yards 4 TDs), Paul Wickwire (31 rec. 321 yards, 3 TDs), and Kyle D’Autorio (20 rec. 331 yards, 8 TDs) all put up solid numbers for the Gladiators.

This will be another tough game for both teams in the first round.  Clam Slammers have a better defense, but the Gladiators have the better and much more explosive offense.  The Clam Slammers have only beat one team in the regular season with a record over .500, it just so happened to be the team no one else could beat in the regular season, the Shockers.  This game will come down to the Clam Slammers ability to slow down the Terron Maples led offense of the Gladiators, which will not be easy to do.

10 AM – Warewolves 6-2 (3rd seed) vs. Rabid Squirrels 4-4 (6th seed)

The Warewolves take on the Rabid Squirrels to kick off the playoffs for the Fall 2016 season.  This will be a tough battle just like the first time these teams squared off back in Week 5.  The Warewolves walked away the winners in Week 5 in the 27-24 battle.  The Warewolves won this game with The Commissioner out and Ryan Dooley at QB.  The Commissioner will be back for the playoffs, but the Warewolves may be missing star player Shane Capone, who is questionable to play in the playoffs because of injury.  

The Rabid Squirrels had themselves a solid season.  They are tied for first in the league with the Warewolves, Woodchucks, and Clam Slammers in interception difference at +8.  As a team, they averaged the 4th most yards per game with 279.75 yards.  QB Sean Collins had himself a great year that saw him have the 3rd highest QB Rating in the league at 123.87.  Sean completed 65.9% of his passes, for 2230 yards, 29 TDs, and 6 interceptions on the season.  Mike Lawrence (21 rec. 550 yards, 8 TDs), Joe Andress (32 rec. 329 yards, 5 TDs) and newcomer Andre Snead (25 rec. 389 yards, 6 TDs) were the top receivers for Sean and the Squirrels.  Lawrence’s stats were good enough to rank him 9th on the WR leaderboard.  

The Squirrels have a solid defense that forced 14 interceptions this season.  Bill Budd had himself a great season on defense as he leads the team in sacks with 4 and chipped in 4 interceptions.  Phil Cupo was 2nd in the league with 5 interceptions, and Jihad Castro also had 3, including 2 that were returned for a TD.  

The Warewolves always seem to be in contention for a JSGFFL title, but the Commissioner is much like his idol, Tony Romo.  They are both great in the regular season but can’t seem to get it done when it counts in the playoffs.  It is going to be even harder this season if Shane Capone is sidelined and can’t play.  Shane missed a game this season, and still led all WR categories, some by a decent margin.  He had 40 catches for 869 yards and 15 TDs on the season.  

This will be a hard-fought game that will be greatly impacted by how much Capone can play, and how effective he can be when in the game.  Dave Pankow will also be a big x-factor in this game, who just returned to action from a dislocated elbow and gives the Warewolves a legitimate pass rush.  If Shane can play and be effective, I believe the Warewolves will win this one and take on the Shockers in round 2.  If he can’t play, the Rabid Squirrels may be pulling the upset and playing the Woodchucks in the second round. 


Woodchucks 7-1 (1st seed)

The Woodchucks will start the defense of their Summer championship with a first round by after securing the number 1 seed in the final week of the regular season.  They did this by blowing out the Assassins by 63 points in Week 7.  The Woodchucks will play the lowest seeded team that advances out of the first round on Saturday.  Having the first-round bye will prove to be huge for the Woodchucks who will be playing their game on fresh legs, while the other team will be playing their second game of the day.

As a team, they had the 2nd most yards per game at 321.38, and were tied for first in interception differential at +8.  John Zitani put up a MVP-type season for the Chucks as he had the highest QB rating in the league at 131.96.  He also led the league with his 71.6% completion percentage and tied for league lead with 44 TDs.  He threw for 2489 yards and did all this while only throwing 6 interceptions.  Billy Belford had a monster season in his return to the Woodchucks.  Billy caught 37 passes for 558 yards and 11 TDs.  Chris D’Addario (33 rec. 538 yards, 8 TDs), Anthony D’Addario (28 rec. 336 yards, 3 TDs), and Steve Dalrymple (26 rec. 322 yards, 10 TDs) all had great years at WR for the Woodchucks as well.  

They have some playmakers on the defensive side of the ball as the Woodchucks had 10 sacks and 14 interceptions as a team.  Their biggest pass rushers are Kevin Kastner (5 sacks), and Jose Ortiz (4 sacks), both players also chipped in 2 interceptions on the season.  Garrett Lavaggi led the Woodchucks in interceptions with 4, 2 of which were returned for TDs.  Nick D’Addario also added 3 interceptions himself.  

Shockers 7-1 (2nd seed)

The Shockers are the other team with a first round bye that will benefit from having fresher legs in their game on Saturday.  They will be looking to reclaim the JSGFFL title as they lost in the Summer championship game to the Woodchucks.  The Shockers have one of the more talented rosters in the league, but have not looked as dominant this season like they have in the past.

They have the top ranked offense in the league that average 338.13 yards per game.  Joe Giuffre threw for the most yards in the league with 2705 passing yards and was tied with the Zit for most TDs at 44.  The Guffslinger had a problem with interceptions this season as he threw 11 in 8 games.  The Shockers received big years at WR from Charlie Barbiere (38 rec. 695 yards, 13 TDs), Devon Snead (40 rec. 715 yards, 7 TDs), and Mike O’Neil (30 rec. 372 yards, 10 TDs).  All 3 ranked in the top 10 for the WR leaderboard this season.  

The Shockers also have one of the best defenses in the league.  They led the league in team sacks with 28, and had 14 interceptions.  Steve Soletto’s 18.5 sacks not only led the league, but was more than every other team had in the regular season.  Danny Erickson was second in the league in sacks with 8.5, which was more than some of the teams around the league had.  Shannon Hill and Devon Snead led the Shockers in interceptions as each had 3, but Shannon returned 2 for TDs.  

The Shockers will play the higher ranked seed out of the first-round winners.  They are favorites to get back to the championship game no matter who they play.  The key to the Shockers success will come down to Giuffre’s ability to limit the turnovers for the playoffs.  If he can do this, the Shockers may be back on top of the JSGFFL.