JSGFFL Players of the Week – Week 3

Player of the Week – Week 3

By Sean Dochney

Brian Lee – Clam Slammers

The Clam Slammers got their QB back this week and he hit the ground running in his season debut.  The Slammers demolished the Red Jaguars to a score of 40-6.  Lee was nearly perfect on the day as he completed 17 of his 20 passes for 312 yards and 6 TDs.  He did throw 1 interception, which was his only blemish on the day.  This was not the toughest matchup in the world as the Red Jaguars have a point differential of negative 76 through the first 3 weeks of the season.  Next week will be a much tougher matchup for the Clam Slammers as they take on the Shockers who dropped to 2-1 after suffering the upset loss at the hands of the Warewolves in Week 3.  The Slammers will look to improve on their 1-2 record, but this will not be easy as the Shockers will be looking for blood.


Runner Up

Sean Collins – Rabid Squirrels

The Rabid Squirrels lost again this week to the Woodchucks to a score of 33-24.  This drops the Squirrels record to 1-2, but it is worth noting that their 2 losses have come at the hands to the only 2 undefeated teams in the league, the Woodchucks and Warewolves.  Collins was at his best and would throw for 323 yards, 4 TDs and 1 interception.   On the season, Collins now has a QB rating of 127.1 while completing 70.6% of his passes for 796 yards.  More impressively, he has thrown 13 TDs while only throwing 1 interception.  The Rabid Squirrels (1-2) have a tough matchup this week as they take on Strangers with Candy (1-2).



Paul Wickwire – Clam Slammers

Paul Wickwire had been playing QB for the Clam Slammers for the first 2 weeks of the season, but was able to shift back to WR with the return of Brian Lee.  Wickwire was a huge playmaker for the Slammers this weekend in their dominating victory.  Paul would only have 4 catches but he would also have 119 yards on those 4 catches, and 3 TDs.  Assuming Brian Lee is available this upcoming week, Wickwire will look to carry on his explosive ways in the tough Week 4 matchup against the Shockers.


Runner Up

Terrence McKeller – The Money Team

Terrence McKeller is quietly making a name for himself in his first year in the league.  He had a big game in a losing effort to Strangers with Candy.  The final score would wind up being 42-19, but that didn’t stop Terrence from having one hell of a day.  Terrence would haul in 12 catches for 108 yards and 2 TDs.  Terrence now sits in 4th place in the JSGFFL Leaderboard through the first 3 weeks of the season.  He needs to keep it up if the Money Team wants to make a push for the playoffs in their inaugural season.   The Money Team will have a tough matchup in Week 4 against the Warewolves.



Bill Budd – Rabid Squirrels

Did the Rabid Squirrels lose this past week and still get 2 players in POTW?  I think Hell has frozen over and I need to start trashing the Squirrels in these posts again to get them motivated and winning ball games.  It will make justifying these nominations much easier to say the least.  Bill Budd was ferocious on defense and played like he was 8 feet tall.  He had 2 sacks and an interception in the loss.  Everyone’s Budd almost recorded 2 more sacks in the stat sheet because every time Brad Smith comes up and asks me if I recorded his sack, I just want to give the sack to Budd instead.  These were Budd’s first 2 sacks of the year, but his third interception.  His 3 interceptions have him tied for the league lead with Anthony Carlo and Shane Capone.  Budd will look to continue his ways against Strangers with Candy in Week 4.


Runner Up

Kenny Colicchio – Clam Slammers

Cause: Blow a team out 40-6.  Effect: Have 3 players in Players of the Week.  Kenny Colicchio had a stellar game on defense in the monster win.  He would have 2 interceptions, with both making top plays.  His first was a freak like 1 handed grab, and the second was a juggling circus catch that would have made the best clown proud.  Ride that high as long as you can Slammers, you will have a much tougher opponent in the Shockers for Week 4.


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