Fine Five – Week 5

Fine Five Power Rankings – Week 5

By Sean Dochney


  1. Warewolves (5-0), Point Differential – 89. (Prev. 1)

The Warewolves are now the last undefeated team in the league as they defeated Strangers with Candy with relative ease to a score of 34-12 in Week 5.  Shane Capone was not at this game because he was most likely out late and playing golf with Matt Harvey, rumor has it disciplinary action will not be pursued by the Warewolves.  Chris McIntosh was huge in the Shane’s absence.  McIntosh had 130 yards receiving, 3 TDs, and 2 interceptions on the defensive side of the ball.  The Commissioner balled out with 357 yards passing, 5 touchdowns and only 1 interception.  Jason DeGennaro also had himself a nice game with his 3 catches for 69 yards and 2 touchdowns.  The best part of Jason’s day was when he faked out 3 members of the Strangers defense with a fake pitch that created room for him to walk into the end zone.

The Warewolves now have the most yards per game on the season, which is impressive considering they have the least amount of offensive plays per game.  For those of you needing me to connect the dots, that means they are still averaging the most yards per play by a wide margin.  They still need to limit their turnovers if the hope to hoist the coveted JSGFFL Championship trophy at the end of the year.  The Warewolves will look to stay hot in Week 6 as they take on the Clam Slammers (2-3).


  1. Shockers (4-1), Point Differential – 106. (Prev. 2)

The Shockers demoralized the Woodchucks in the big Week 5 win.  Giuffre could not be stopped as he threw for 365 yards and 6 touchdowns without throwing an interception.  Devon Snead and Charlie Barbiere had big games as they both had over 100 yards receiving and 2 touchdowns.  On defense, Bryan Soletto, Shannon Hill and Danny Erickson all had an interception.  On the season, Charlie Barbiere (27 rec. 469 yards, 9 TDs) is now rated the top receiver in the league, while Mike O’Neill (34 rec. 360 yards, 4 TDs) has the most receptions in the league.

The Shockers offense is averaging the second most yards per game (331) as well as the second most yards per play (9.36).  They are a lock to make the playoffs, and will probably win out the rest of their games.  They will be playing the Rabid Squirrels (3-2) in Week 6, which will be much more important for the Squirrels than it will be for the Shockers.


  1. Woodchucks (4-1), Point Differential – 70. (Prev. 3)

The Woodchucks did not carry themselves with any semblance of dignity in their Week 5 loss to the Shockers.  I’m embarrassed to even write about the Woodchucks this week, so I’ll keep it brief and not even talk about their Week 5 matchup.

The Woodchucks are still in a good spot as they sit at 4-1.  They are third in the league in yards per game at 329.6, which is still good.  The Zit living up to his Charlie Check Down nickname though, as the Woodchucks are only fifth in the league in yards per play at 8.67.  They sit behind the Warewolves, Shockers, Rabid Squirrels and Clam Slammers in yards per play.  The Woodchucks will look to rebound in Week 6 as they take on the Money Team (1-4).


  1. Rabid Squirrels (3-2), Point Differential – 35. (Prev. 4)

The Rabid Squirrels stayed hot with their lopsided victory against the Red Jaguars in Week 5.  Brad Smith had a career game at WR for the Squirrels, hauling in 6 catches for 71 yards and 3 touchdowns.  I was surprised to see these weren’t his first receptions on the season, he now has 7 catches.  Bill Budd stayed dominant on defense with his sack and interception returned for a touchdown.  Look at the season Sean Collins is having at QB for the Squirrels!  Not only does Sean have the best first name in the league, he also has the best QB Rating as well with a 133.23.  Sean has 72% of his passes for 1390 yards, 22 touchdowns, while only throwing 2 interceptions.

The Rabid Squirrels average the fourth most yards per game at 282, while averaging the third most yards per play at 8.81.  More importantly, the Squirrels are tied for the best interception differential in the league at a plus 6.  The Squirrels will have a tough matchup against the Shockers (4-1) in Week 6.  I suppose I will call this game the Game of the Week, for lack of any solid matchups in Week 6.  At least both these teams currently sit in a playoff spot.


  1. Clam Slammers (2-3), Point Differential – (-17). (Prev. Unranked)

The Clam Slammers have creeped their way into the Fine Five, and are still in the hunt for the final playoff spot.  The Slammers demolished the Money Team in Week 5 to a score of 41-18.  Dan Duff and Kenny Colicchio had nice games at WR.  Duff had 5 catches for 99 yards and 2 TDs, while Kenny had 6 catches for 83 yards.  Duff would also chip in 2 sacks on defense, while Joe Termini would have an interception and return it for a touchdown.

The Clam Slammers are in contention for the fourth and final playoff spot, but the schedule is not on their side.  They will play the Warewolves (5-0), Strangers with Candy (1-4), and Woodchucks (4-1) in the final 3 weeks of the season.  They must overcome the Rabid Squirrels, who also have a considerable point differential on the Slammers.  The Slammers will start their quest by taking on the Warewolves in Week 6.


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