Players of the Week – Week 6

Players of the Week – Week 6

By Sean Dochney



Anthony D’Addario – Woodchucks

Is there a QB controversy looming for the Woodchucks?  Anthony D’Addario had himself a day in the absence of the Zit, albeit he did it against a Money Team that barely showed up.  Plant threw for 367 yards, 6 TDs, and 1 interception while leading the Woodchucks to a 45-18 victory.  He completed almost 73% of his passes in the game.  The Woodchucks will be taking on the Warewolves (6-0), and the Clam Slammers (2-4) in a double header in Week 7.  We expect to see the Zit back at QB in both games.  The first game they play against the Warewolves will be the Game of the Week.


Runner Up

Joe Giuffre – Shockers

The Shockers won big against the Rabid Squirrels in Week 6 to a score of 42-18.  Giuffre had himself a nice day throwing for 334 yards with 6 TDs.  He did throw 3 interceptions in the game, which now gives him a league leading 9 on the season.  The Shockers will take the bad with the good though as the Guffslinger also has the most passing yards (1,976) and passing TDs (32) on the season entering the final week.  His 116.75 QB rating ranks him 4th in the league.  The Shockers will be taking on Strangers with Candy (1-5) and the Red Jaguars (0-6) in their double header in Week 7.  It is safe to say they are heavily favored in both games.



Shane Capone – Warewolves

Shane had himself a day in the only game that was not a blowout in Week 6.  The Warewolves held off the Clam Slammers in the 18-13 victory.  Shane was a big part of the Warewolves offense as he caught 5 passes for 148 yards and 2 TDs.  He also added an interception on defense for the Wolves.  Shane is the MVP of the Warewolves and will need to come up big in the playoffs if the Wolves want to bring home the championship that keeps eluding them.  On the season, Shane ranks as the 2nd best receiver according to the JSGFFL leaderboards.  Shane has 23 catches for a league leading 584 yards and 9 TDs.  The Warewolves have a tough Week 7 double header as they will be playing the Game of the Week against the Woodchucks (5-1) and then they will be taking on the Rabid Squirrels (3-3).


Runner Up

Charlie Mackie – Woodchucks

Madd Mack let his game to the talking instead of his mouth for once in Week 6.  He hauled in 5 passes for 123 yards and 2 TDs in the big win against the depleted Money Team.  I do give the Madd Mack some credit, his celebration game has stepped up big time over the last few weeks.  He now has 21 catches for 318 yards and 2 TDs on the season.  He will need to have a big Week 7 for the Woodchucks as they position themselves for a playoff run.  I expect some tempers to fly in the Game of the Week against the rival Warewolves (6-0), and who knows they might carry over to the game against the Clam Slammers (2-4).



Shelton Burnett – Rabid Squirrels

Shelton Burnett takes home defensive player of the Week after returning an interception for a long TD in the losing effort against the Shockers.  This was the big man’s 3rd interception on the season and the first he returned for a TD.  The Squirrels will be looking to clinch the final playoff spot in Week 7 as they take on the Warewolves (6-0) and the Money Team (1-5).  The Clam Slammers are at their heels, but the odds will be stacked against the Slammers for the final playoff spot.


Runner Up

Devon Snead – Shockers

Snead gets runner up for defense this week by having 1 interception.  This was Snead’s first interception of the season.  I’ll be honest, there was not much happening on the defensive side of things on the week, so Snead gets this because he also had a big day receiving.  The Shockers have what should be an easy double header in Week 7 as they take on Strangers with Candy (1-5) and the Red Jaguars (0-6).


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