Players of the Week – Week 4 Edition

Players of the Week – Week 4


Todd Kaiser – Savages

The Savages played 2 games this week because of the rain-outs last week and Kaiser had 1 great game and 1 not so great game. Let’s focus on the great game against Strangers with Candy, in which Todd was an absolute stud in the 47-28 victory. Kaiser completed 19 of 27 passes for 369 yards and 6 TDs against Strangers with Candy. This game was by far the best single game out of any QB this past week. The win against Strangers was the Savages first win of the season and now sit at 1-4 after they lost their second game of the day against the Grizzlies in the make-up game. Kaiser has now thrown for 1245 yards and 16 TDs this season, but he has thrown the second most interceptions in the league with 9. The Savages will have a tough Week 5 matchup against the Clam Slammers (3-1), who are led by their tough defense. The Clam Slammers defense have given up the least amount of points in the league, and have the most interceptions as a team.

QB Runner Up

Terron Maples – Gladiators

The Gladiators won both of their games this past week, even handing out the first loss to the Clam Slammers. The Gladiators would beat the Clam Slammers 28-18, and beat Strangers with Candy 35-12. Terron was big for the Gladiators on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball. Total for both games he threw for 551 yards, 9 TDs, and 1 interception. He even picked up 99 yards and 2 TDs on pitches back to him after he threw it. He did all this while picking up 2 interceptions on defense. Terron has the highest completion percentage of any QB in the league at 70.2%. Maples has thrown for 1258 yards, 20 TDs, and owns a 117.2 QB Rating. The Gladiators are now 3-2 and currently sit in a playoff spot as the 5 th seed. They will play The Assassins (1-3) in Week 5.


Joe Peragallo – Savages

Peragallo put up 2 big games this week as he caught 17 passes for 260 yards and 4 TDs. His first game against Strangers with Candy is what put him over the top as this week’s WR POTW. He had 8 catches for 158 yards and 3 TDs in that game as Strangers with Candy had no answer to stop him. Joe now has 23 catches for 362 yards and 4 TDs, which ranks him 5 th on the WR leaderboards for the season. The Savages will look to build off their first win of the season in Week 5, but a win will not come easy. Joe will have a tough matchup in Week 5 as the Savages take on the Clam Slammers, who have had the best defense in the league so far.

WR Runner Up

Zach Emmett – Strangers with Candy

Strangers with Candy lost both of their games this past week by a wide margin, but that didn’t stop Zach Emmett from putting up big numbers at WR. Strangers with Candy lost to the Savages 47-28, and the Gladiators 35-12. Emmett would have a combined 11 catches for 223 yards and 3 TDs. In his biggest game on the day he had 6 catches for 140 yards and 1 TD against the Savages. Emmett now has 17 catches for 278 yards and 4 TDs on the season. Strangers with Candy now sit at 2-3 and head into a tough Week 5 matchup against the Zit led Woodchuck (4-1).


Ryan Maletto – The Assassins

The Assassins came away with their first win of the past 2 seasons against the Kekembas in Week 4. The final score of the victory would be 26-12. The Assassins were led by their defense and the Don himself. Ryan Maletto had a huge game on defense as he walked away with 4 interceptions, his first 4 of the season. The Assassins (1-3) play the role of the underdog as they take on the Gladiators (3-2) in Week 5.

Def Runner Up

Mike Kalucki – Warewolves

The Warewolves lost a heartbreaker against the Shockers to a score of 28-22. But everyone’s favorite player had a real nice game for the Warewolves. The acrobat would walk away with 2 interceptions which now give him 4 on the season, which ties him for 2nd in the league. The Warewolves have now slipped to 3-2 and have a tough matchup against the Rabid Squirrels (2-2) in Week 5. Kalucki will need to step up big time as the Warewolves will be without Angelini, McAndrew and MacIntosh in Week 5.


Players of the Week – Week 1 Edition

Players of the Week – Week 1 – Summer 2016

By Sean Dochney



Kyle Watson – The Grizzlies

Kyle set quite the impression in his JSGFFL debut for the Grizzlies. He led the Grizzlies to a 46-30 victory over an improved Rattlers squad, and flirted with a perfect QB rating for the day, but would fall just shy at 154.9. Watson would go 25-34 (73.5%) for 424 yards, 5 touchdowns and no interceptions. The Grizzlies will take on a tougher opponent next week in the Grizzlies where Watson will look to continue his hot start.

Runner Up

John “The Zit” Zitani – Woodchucks

The Zit popped off again this week as the Woodchucks defeated French Toast Mafia 43-27. The Zit lost one of his top receivers in the offseason in Zach Emmitt, but it didn’t seem to matter as he was still able to put up a big game. Zitani went 20-32 for 331 yards, 6 touchdowns and 1 interception thrown. The Zit is a longtime fan favorite and poster boy of the JSGFFL even though he plays for the “hard to root for” Woodchucks.


Shane Capone – Warewolves

Capone was a huge component in the Warewolves 28-28 tie against the defending champion Shockers. The Warewolves were missing a few of their top receivers this week, but the elusive Capone came up big with 8 catches for 130 yards and 3 TDs on a league high 17 targets. Shane will look to keep things going as the Warewolves have another tough matchup next week against the Woodchucks

Runner Up

Corey Feldman – Rabid Squirrels

The Goonie made huge plays for the Rabid Squirrels in their 30-6 victory over the Assassins. Feldman had 4 receptions for 128 yards and 3 touchdowns on the day, and would add an interception on defense. The Rabid Squirrels are coming off a tough Spring season that saw them miss the playoffs after starting 4-0. The Rabid Squirrels match up against the Grizzlies next week as both teams will look to extend their records to 2-0.


Michael Medina – Grizzlies

Medina had an interception and scored the only defensive touchdown of the week and it came at a crucial time against the Rattlers as the Grizzlies won 46-30. The Grizzlies will need another big day from Medina and their defense as they play the Rabid Squirrels next week.

Runner Up

Corey Feldman

Corey not only receives runner up for WR, but also for defense this week as he had an interception and a sack on defense. The Rabid Squirrels held the Assassins to a league low 6 points and 154 yards of offense. Mike Lawrence added another interception, while John Petrowski had a sack as well. The Squirrels will need another big game next week as they face off against the Grizzlies.

Plays of the Week – Week 6


10. Jihad Castro’s LONG Catch and Run
9. Sean McAndrew’s Toe-Touch TD
8. Brett Maniaci with the Breaking INT
7. Calabrease with a Sweet Toe-Drag on a sideline INT
6. Sparrowe’s CRAZY moves to get in for the Score
5. Angelini to Dooley for the long TD
4. Lawrence goes up Strong for the Jump-Ball
3. Forcella Makes an Awesome Diving INT
2. Feldman Makes a 1 Handed INT with Back turned
1. Billy Belford’s Diving Catch Heard ‘Round the World

Plays of the Week – Week 5

10. Kaiser to Reynolds for a TD
9. Feldman’s Bobbling TD Rec
8. Venuto’s Spinning INT
7. Angelini to Douglas for the TD
6. Collins to Andress for the Sideline TD
5. Mayers with the 1 Handed INT
4. Maples with the INT
3. Snead with the Strip-Fumble TD Return
2. Reynolds with a sick 1 Handed INT
1. Tranz with a diving 1 Handed 2 Point Conversion

Plays of the Week – Week 4

10. Dave Breen’s Catch and Run
9. Belford’s Crazy Moves for the TD
8. Greg Mayers’ Sweet Jump-Ball Snag
7. Devon Snead’s Game-Clinching Catch
6. Mitton to Norton for the Toe-Touch TD
5. McAndrew with an Awesome INT on a Dump-Off
4. Pat Paxton with Nifty Moves for the TD
3. Zitani to Jensen for a Sweet Sliding TD Catch
2. McEllen’s Sweet Catch and Run to Almost Tie the Big Game
1. Nick Venuto’s Record Breaking Passing Day